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Any business owner knows that trends run strategy, and that understanding includes marketing. Unfortunately, while some marketing trends remain, every year sees changes and new methods for communicating a brand's message, which is why a brand management software platform is crucial to building and sustaining success. However, it is also critical to stay on top of trends. There are at least ten marketing trends every business should be aware of heading into 2020.

1. Content

One thing that doesn't change this year is the continued focus on content marketing. Content is king, but it is crucial to provide valuable information. Content for the sake of content is counter-productive. Therefore, ensure your marketing budget has an earmark for content strategy.

2. Peer Marketing

As a business, it is vital to focus on digital reputation. Peer reviews are among the top drivers of sales. Therefore, brands must focus on reviews and try to mitigate negative reviews quickly and respectfully.

3. SEO Updates

SEO strategies have often been considered a game of sorts, using poorly crafted content with the intent of manipulating search results. Through the years and several analytic updates, companies realize the importance of well-crafted content and relevant links. The analytic evolution will continue into 2020 and beyond.

4. SMS Upgrade

SMS has often been reviled as a clunky platform for consumer messaging, and RCS has been hailed as a necessary upgrade for years. Well, it looks like 2020 is the year of the RCS revolution, allowing group messaging, video, images, audio and read receipts.

5. Uniqueness

Uniqueness has always been a part of marketing, but it is more necessary today than ever. With evolving technology and rapid campaigns, it is critical to differentiate from the competition, and that goes beyond product features.

6. Artificial Intelligence

Also, evolving technology, specifically AI, companies are going to be able to produce like-human transcripts and content, but you must be careful. While technology should be embraced, the human element is still necessary.

7. Voice Search

Voice search is quickly becoming a standard. Therefore, companies should strive to integrate the technology into website and service design.

8. Videos and Blogs

While there was a time when blogs were enough to create a booming content strategy, that is no longer the case. Now, consumers expect videos as well, so digital marketing strategies should include video.

9. Data-Driven Strategies 

While data has always been crucial to marketing strategy, the enactment of the General Data Protection Regulation has made data collection more challenging. Therefore, data remains relevant, but companies need to integrate new data gathering methods in compliance with GDPR.

10. Customer First

Last, it is always necessary when reviewing new and growing trends to remind yourself that the customer is the first concern. To succeed with any marketing plan in 2020 and beyond, you need to discern what your target audience wants and expects.

As you move forward with marketing plans and strategies this year, keep the above trends in mind. However, never forget that the customer and brand management are key. Contact a brand management software platform to discuss strategy and consumer relevance.

Al Twitty

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