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4 Expert Tips for Making Your Move to the Big City Painless

By Al Twitty | April 4, 2019

For those not accustomed to the ways of the big city, moving to a major metropolis can be a culture shock.  With city life often comes traffic, parking issues, and a certain amount of chaos which can be a life-changing. So, in order to help those who are big-city bound, here are a few expert tips for survival.

Manhattan traffic can be murder - Depositphoto

Let’s face it, any move is stressful, but especially to a big city like NY or San Francisco.  Taking advantage of teamwork, best communication practices, and utilizing the project managers in the business can help make the whole process a painless one. For instance, imagine the added stress of trying to navigate narrow, busy streets, and fighting for parking spots in the big-city environment on even a normal workday, let alone while trying to move your life and belongings.

Matt Schwartzberg, of Steinway Moving & Storage, says the reason he started his business was to help people fulfill their dreams without added stress. The head of New York City’s most successful moving company, Schwartzberg offers these helpful tips for making the transition to metropolitan life.  

Stay Organized

The long and tedious task of moving can be made easier by staying organized and on top of things. Begin by sorting out everything you must do, from start to finish. You can make a checklist and mark every task through the use of a calendar. The following horror story was related by Steinway’s director:

“We were moving a friend in New York City, which has its own challenges of no parking, and elevators at both buildings.  Then, we go to the job at 8 a.m. to meet the crew after the client told us that she would be " 100% packed.” When she opened the door the scene looked right out of her everyday life. The dining room table still had dishes on it, food was on the table and in the kitchen, there was paperwork and folders all over, and the kitchen still had dishes in the sink. Needless to say, this client was not prepared to move.”

Schwartzberg offered this simple advice, “Don’t be this client.” Try breaking up all of your tasks into smaller portions as it will help make moving much easier and avoid unnecessary damages.

Just Add Color

Yes, you heard correctly. Packing up your belongings in drab boxes with black magic marker scribblings all over can make things seem a little bleak. So, Schwartzberg suggests adding a bit of color and cheerfulness to the equation. Colors such as pink, yellow, green and blue are notorious for promoting tranquility and reducing stress. As you pack your boxes, try putting colored labels so you not only stay organized but to brighten up the mood as well.

Inventory Your Belongings

In order to save yourself from unnecessary headaches, it’s in your best interest to catalog what items you put in each box. Take an inventory even before you begin packing. Not only will it be easier to unpack once you get to your new life, it’s also a great way to avoid any potential damages and lost items too.

Avoid Unnecessary Hassle

Packing is important, but not everything in your house needs to be boxed up. Depending on how far your move is, it’s not always necessary to pack each and every little thing. Since you’ll be doing a ton of work, to begin with, it may be in your best interest to keep your clothes on the hangers and some items in your drawers during your move.

A Bonus Tip

After working so hard to keep your belongings safe and finally moving into your new home in the big city, there’s just one thing left to do: Continue the ongoing protection of your belongings. It is highly recommended for everyone who moves into a new place in a big city; get a homeowners or renters insurance policy. That way, you’ll be covered in the unlikely event of your items breaking.

Once you're all moved in, enjoy the options that come with your new big city life!

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