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5 Advantages of Student Accommodation vs. an Apartment

By Al Twitty | November 6, 2019

Moving is one of life's natural stressors, and when that is connected with possibly leaving home for the first time, it can be compounded. For that reason, this decision is an especially important one. You want to be able to come home to a place where you're comfortable and relaxed. But which type of residence is best?

In many ways, student accommodation in Bristol is preferred for most, but getting an apartment has its advantages as well. Also consider if you've been to Bristol before or have travelled abroad in the past. Those considerations should play significant roles in your decision.

Benefits to Social Life

It has to be said that being surrounded by several others who are in the same situation as you offers a number of benefits. You already have the university aspect of your lives in common with them, and they understand the struggles that you're experiencing. Also, being able to immerse yourself in university life can be a challenge at times, but student accommodation helps make that easier for you simply due to the number of people you'll be around.

The friendships that you build in this type of setting is something that you will likely keep with you long after you depart.

Building Cultural Awareness

Living with a wide variety of people in student accommodation tends to build cultural awareness, assimilation and acceptance for those there. This is especially true for those who hadn't experienced an international-type living environment growing up and oftentimes results in a truly growing experience. International students exist in high numbers at the colleges in Bristol, allowing this city to be one of the best for university students who want to experience a variety of cultures.


This type of accommodation is usually closer to the college that you'll be attending than apartments will be. This will save you the time and the cost that it might have otherwise taken you to drive or take public transport to school. Walking there doesn't take any money out of your bank account. Also, if you unexpectedly need to run over to campus, that'll just take you a few minutes.

All-Inclusive Rates

Student accommodation is generally more affordable when you take everything into account. The cost of these types of places usually includes expenses such as electricity, gas and water bills, and some also include things like internet access. Even though an apartment might seem like a cheaper option, if you need to pay for those extras too, student accommodation will likely be more affordable overall.

Increased Access to Amenities

Of course, there are exceptions on both sides, but student accommodation usually places you closer to places such as eateries, shopping and social activities.

Increased Security

Generally, student accommodation in Bristol offers more secure living than apartment living. They tend to have 24-hour reception and security teams and are careful about who they allow inside the premises. If you should experience any security threat, you'll be quickly responded to.

Apartment Benefits

Of course, living in an apartment provides plenty of positive aspects too, and many decide that that is the best option for them.

One of the primary benefits to living in an apartment is getting to experience more freedom. Although student accommodation in Bristol tends to not have any unreasonable rules, some would rather experience even more freedom than is sometimes possible in the other type of living arrangement.

Additionally, you can generally have more freedom to design your living space exactly how you want it while living in an apartment. Although you can do similarly in student accommodation, there are usually more limitations to what you can do there as opposed to in apartment living.

Also, if you would prefer to not be on campus or so close to the university, apartment living would be better.

The Choice is Yours

Several factors will go into determining which type of living environment works best for you. Do your research, weigh your own personal pros and cons, make your decision, and go with it. Regardless of what you decide, make the most of your experience there.

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