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7 Foolproof Real Estate Marketing Tips to Help You Build a Client Base

By Jamie Richardson | November 4, 2020
Digital marketing stands at the forefront of today’s marketing industry. If your business isn’t investing in its digital marketing strategy in this day and age, your team’s leaving money on the table. But is digital marketing worth all the hype for budding entrepreneurs, like real estate agents?

Digital marketing has been on a meteoric rise since the widespread use of the Internet. It’s widely preferred since it’s cheaper, measurable, and targets a broader audience. With these advantages in mind, businesses, such as real estate firms, use email marketing, social media, video advertising, SEO, and content marketing to promote brand visibility, leading to conversions.

Is funneling thousands into your real estate marketing strategy worth it? In short, a concrete real estate marketing strategy is a no-brainer in ensuring success in this sector. Like any other business, you must promote your real estate brand with vigor and persistence. Wondering why?

The real estate industry is widely known for its fierce competition. It’s an industry that is highly saturated, making it challenging for real estate firms to thrive. To succeed, you’ll need a solid marketing strategy to stay ahead of the pack. But what are the components of a successful, well-developed real estate marketing strategy? 

Read on for insight into seven foolproof real estate marketing tips to help you build a client base. 

Real estate marketing ideas

To help you block out the noise and find success in a highly competitive market, follow the below real estate marketing tips.

Build a professional website

Today, launching a site and maintaining high activity is a non-negotiable regardless of your industry. However, there’s a considerable difference between an ordinary site and a professional one.

Prioritize aesthetics and functionality when building your website. Ensure that you address the following areas and check-off the below checklist items before releasing the site to the public.

  • Your site is optimized for mobile
  • Loading speed is fast
  • The website is easily navigable
  • It contains high-quality content and photos
  • You’ve created a virtual tour

If you possess a basic understanding of core digital marketing principles, you understand how critical a website is. Ensure that your site is optimized for SEO to pull traffic and form connections with potential customers.

Onboard a professional photographer

Photos are invaluable in the real estate sector. They create a long-lasting first impression for potential house buyers. To ensure you get it right the first time and don’t repel potential clients with blurry or unsightly photographs, hire a professional real estate photographer. You don’t want to publish low-quality photos that force site visitors’ to question your credentials. 

Go social

Social media marketing is here to stay, meaning you’ll need to jump on the bandwagon lest you miss out. Besides boosting brand visibility, social media is an invaluable tool in helping real estate agents connect and interact with potential clients.

To ensure optimal success on your real estate firm’s social media platforms, develop a robust social media strategy. This strategy should cover at least the following:

  • Objectives
  • Target audience
  • The social media platforms you’ll dedicate time and resources to
  • Type and frequency of content

Because keeping up with social media trends isn’t a small feat, use social media monitoring tools to simplify the task. Your digital marketing team should confirm that your social media content is engaging, inspiring, and educative. Otherwise, your content will get lost among millions of other posts released on a per-second basis. 

Video marketing

Yes, photos are eye-catching, but the magic behind video marketing is unmatchable. Videos are attention-grabbing and are a surefire way to capture your target audience’s attention. When you invest in video marketing, the most significant incentive is that you can utilize this video footage on several platforms. You can post videos on your website, social media pages, and blog. Additionally, you can also send these property tours, promotional videos, and brief video testimonials via email to both existing and potential clients. 

Local listings

Is your real estate business listed on online local business directories? For those unsure of how to answer, local listings increase customers’ chances of finding your real estate business when they conduct online searches. Are you worried about the cost? Don’t be. Directories like Google My Business and Yahoo are free of charge.

Content marketing

In today’s marketing world, high-quality, never-before-seen content takes the cake. Insightful content attracts visitors to your site. However, to break through, you need to keep your content relevant, frequent, and inspiring. 

Despite popular misconceptions, sub-par content isn’t always better than no content at all. Flooding your website with poorly-written and uninformative articles or blog posts won’t serve your digital marketing strategy. Remember, dull or uninspiring content is worse than no content. So, if you can’t dedicate the time necessary to crafting search engine optimized content, avoid posting entirely. 

Email marketing

Besides streamlining communication, email is a powerful marketing tool. Use well-known email marketing systems like Aweber to identify ways of collecting email addresses and marketing your real estate business to users. To ensure that your email marketing serves its purpose, keep your content stimulating, and embed a compelling call to action (CTA) in these social media posts and blog posts. 

Email marketing may be challenging at first, but it will make money for your business when you get the hang of it.

Final word

The results of the above tips won’t manifest overnight. Ultimately, demonstrating persistence and consistency will help your real estate firm to realize any tangible benefits. 
If you find marketing your firm an uphill task, don’t shy away from contacting a reputable real estate marketing agency. These professionals will help you tackle the complex and highly-convoluted digital marketing world as you concentrate on your core business operations.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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