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8 Ways to save money for that Dream Vacation

By Al Twitty | March 28, 2017

Money is often hard to come by and difficult to keep hold of, especially considering the current climate where cultures are recovering from the economic downturn caused by the recession. Money saving initiatives have become highly important, with everyone wanting to save money to one extent or another. Whether it’s avoiding that $4 latte or delaying vacations, everyone adopts different saving methods, but it is often difficult to determine how to best save money while living a life that is full of enjoyment. This article will outline eight fantastic ways to save, helping everyday individuals retain money, and for further assistance Crown Money Management can help you.

Devise A Budget
By simply keeping track of your spending and configuring how much you can realistically spend in each week, you will ensure that you’re not overspending and work out the problematic spending areas that need attention.

Erase Debt
Though budgeting is a fantastic way to keep track of your spending, it is important to start with tackling your debt issues. When you work out how much you pay as interest on your debt, it is shocking to realize how much extra you’re paying. Often, you’ll have an opportunity to consolidate debt so you can better pay it off, a fantastic saving option.

Set Goals
If you constantly visualize what you are saving for, this will provide motivation that will give you the willpower to avoid unnecessary spending. With set targets and a timeline for saving, things naturally become easier.

Set Up an Auto-Debit
Your bank will offer a service where you can automatically pay a set amount into your savings monthly, which ensures that an allocated figure is retained monthly, setting yourself up as best possible.

Take a Vacation Locally
Often the thought of travelling somewhere within your own country for a holiday is unnecessarily frowned upon, but when you are spending time with people you like, the destination becomes less important, and there are often some fantastic places to visit closer to you than you think, at significantly less cost.

Utility Savings
Lowering your thermostat by a small amount can result in significant long term savings, alongside potentially installing a tankless water heater. This can deliver real money off, and though the amount seems menial in the short term, it is important to have a long-term focus when saving and focus on an all-encompassing lifestyle change.

Take a Packed Lunch
Not only does taking a packed lunch afford you the luxury of selecting food based on your personal preferences, but it is also significantly cheaper than eating out, especially considering the inflated prices of buying food when you’re out. A home lunch might only cost $2 to make, in comparison to spending up to $10 elsewhere, resulting in impressive savings over time.

Annualize Your Spending
If you spend what are considered small amounts on items such as food and are spending sporadically on an everyday basis, prices soon add up to large amounts, making it important to reconfigure your habits and view things from an annual perspective, converting from a view of ‘oh it’s only $1 per day’ to ‘that’s $365 per year’

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