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9 Things We Love About the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator is gorgeous. This is a beautiful fridge. It also has some cool (and surprisingly practical) apps. Here are nine reasons we love the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator.

A Responsive 21.5 Inch Touchscreen

Samsung wasn’t happy with the beta version of the touchscreen. They worked to make the touchscreen snappier. You can definitely see the results of their labor. Fluid technology is simply more engaging to use.

It’s a Symbol of Luxury

What’s the real appeal of a $6,000 fridge? Do you really need to spend that much. The appeal is relishing something worth relishing, showing that you appreciate the finer things. It’s the same reason that people buy a Mercedes or a Rolex. This fridge is a top of the line item that will impress friends and family.

View Inside App

The View Inside App is really cool. It’s really fun to look inside your fridge without actually opening it. On a more practical note, you can track expiration dates with this app. This cuts down on wasted food and bad odors in the fridge.

The Pandora App for Streaming Music

People spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Maybe you’re cutting up celery. Perhaps you’re marinating tonight’s chicken. Whatever you’re doing, it’s more entertaining when you’re doing it with music. The Pandora App makes it easy to discover new music, so using the app will expand your playlist over time.

Photo Album App

Do you remember your childhood fridge? Do you remember when your parents would stick your impressive test score or your watercolor drawing on the fridge? That was cool. It was also a little messy. The Photo Album App allows you to display tests, drawings, quizzes, and more without any mess. You can also include other photos, such as pictures from your last family vacation.

Allrecipes App

The kitchen is the place for recipes. This app allows you to store all your recipes in one convenient place. Better still, you can discover new recipes through the app.

Instacart App

Time is the ultimate luxury. There are even car companies that will service your vehicle at home. Well, Samsung ascribes to this philosophy. They allow you to order your groceries at home via Instacart. Getting groceries delivered straight to your house costs more than going to the store. Yet, the time and gas you save is noticeable. Also, ordering when you’re next to your fridge is great- you can see exactly what you need.

Timer App

You’re throwing a party. You just bought some bottled water and Sprite at the store. You throw in the fridge- when it will be chilled and ready to serve? The Timer App alleviates this problem. There are different chilling times for bottled water, a liter of sprite, and a bottle of champagne. The app knows all these times. It will also send an alert to your phone so you know when your item is chilled. That means your guests don’t have to wait one second longer than necessary for a frosty beverage.

Drag Unused Apps to Second Screen

The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator has a lot of apps. There are quite a few not even mentioned here. For instance, the TuneIn app lets you listen to Podcasts. The TV Mirroring App displays content from any Samsung Smart TV. Naturally, you’ll have your favorites. You can drag those favorites to the first screen, and drag lesser used apps to the second screen.

The Ultimate in Luxury

What more can you say about this fridge? It’s the ultimate in luxury, and has some cool features. What feature are you the most excited about?

Photo/Video Courtesy of Samsung


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