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A Look at Some of Virginia Beach’s Best Real Estate Pros

By Phil Butler | March 27, 2023

At a moment of great uncertainty, Virginia Beach, Virginia is still seeing some of the biggest home price increases in the US (+16.3%) over the past few months. With eight out of the top 50 markets in decline price wise, Virginia Beach homes are selling at a higher price per foot average than almost anywhere. This drew my attention, and led me to investigate agencies there. Interestingly, Virginia Beach, and the Norfork area overall, has proven to be one of the toughest agent havens where choosing the best of the best is the goal. Many professionals in the region have stunning sales and ratings figures, so the agents below got the nod over many superheroes of sales in Virginia. That said, it's also interesting that the professionals in this region take less advantage of digital marketing compared with their contemporaries in other regions.

With 457 sales in the past 12 months, Jenn Bryant and her team sit at the pinnacle of success. 556 perfect reviews on Zillow attest to the Bryant Group Real Estate Professionals' prowess, as well. 

Bryant has 3k plus followers on Facebook and is operating the channel nearly perfectly. The useful and clean website came in with a respectable 75/100 score, which is above par compared to the hundreds of agents we’ve profiled. The team also has one of the best Twitter engagements I’ve seen in a few years. This is highly unusual since most real estate pros gave up on the little blue bird years ago. 

The team’s Instagram effort is a mirror of Facebook engagement, albeit a bit less enthusiastic. All else being equal, it’s LinkedIn where Jenn Bryant shines brightest. With over 5k professionals in her network, she’s head and shoulders above 90% of America’s agents at canvasing the world’s biggest professional network. If Bryant could hit the local media a bit, she’d be in the top 10% of all the agents we’ve profiled so far. 

Website, Facebook, Contact #  1-757-255-8564

Kevin M. O'Dea belongs on this list not by virtue of having the most perfect Zillow reviews (101/5.0), but for the feat of touching all the bases when it comes to marketing. 1.6k followers on Facebook get superbly presented info and news, which turns into authentic engagement. O’Dea’s team could post more frequently, but what’s there is great content. which is a feat for anyone in the real estate business. O’Dea has a very respectable website both aesthetically and concerning SEO (B-).

Where he really rocks is on Instagram with a super professional and personable channel that says a lot about the young real estate professional. His motto of “Always stay humble and kind” shines through in just about every share his team puts out there, and I have to say I love this. Reciprocity is the name of the game in social media, and if you start with a dose of humility and caring, chances are you reap great rewards. O’Day is not as prolific on LinkedIn as Bryant is, but it’s clear he knows how to leverage the networking possibilities there for his clients. 

Website, Facebook, Contact # 1-757-286-9661

Chandler Realty, run by founder Charlotte Chandler, has 486-5.0 reviews on Zillow. Chandler’s team has sold 133 properties in the past 12 months, and she ticks all the right boxes most highly successful real estate pros do. A 1.6k plus Facebook following, an effective Instagram channel and a usable website created by the parent Rose & Womble Realty Company add up to boost the agent's brand footprint. This, amplified by the Rose & Womble Realty Co social elements, puts Chandler in top-tier company. 

On the downside for both entities, the website is substandard coming in with an SEO score of 65/100. Some keywords work and alt image effort would greatly improve the company(s) SERP results. Finally, the fact that Charlotte Chandler is a former adjunct professor and natural teacher points to Youtube as a real game changer, especially with some ad expenditure. 

Rose & Womble has a nice channel with lots of home tours already. Putting an experienced educator like Chandler on camera for some helpful insight would surely bring conversions if done right. If nothing else, the company would attract more of the best real estate talent. 

Website, Facebook, Contact # 1-757-262-7721

With 504 stellar reviews at Zillow and 192 sales in the past year, Karen Tyler stands out even with a hollow digital marketing scheme. Here social media marketing effort is refined, unique, and effective, and the brand Team Tyler Homes at Prodigy Realty carries a lot of visibility despite a mediocre Instagram and LinkedIn effort. She’s also dipped her toes into the Youtube channel, but tentatively, so far. 

What makes this Virginia Beach agent, for me, is the potential her agency has if marketing efforts are ramped up. I imagine a website that is not only fast, but aesthetically and SEO-perfect. A Youtube channel where Tyler spreads her experience and brand to video-consuming potential sellers and buyers. And, a few media outreaches to let local reporters know she’s willing to contribute to the news about real estate in the Norfork area. 

She’s on this list because her clients who use Zillow think she’s the best. Emulating some of the USA agencies we’ve profiled here on RealtyBiz, could conceivably triple her sales, I think. She’s doing brick and mortar brokering right, the next step should put Typer in the stratosphere. 

Website, Facebook, Contact # 1-757-805-2515

Phil Butler is a former engineer, contractor, and telecommunications professional who is editor of several influential online media outlets including part owner of Pamil Visions with wife Mihaela. Phil began his digital ramblings via several of the world’s most noted tech blogs, at the advent of blogging as a form of journalistic license. Phil is currently top interviewer, and journalist at Realty Biz News.
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