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A Look at Top Green Bay Real Estate Pros

By Phil Butler | February 21, 2023

Green Bay, Wisconsin is being hit pretty hard by the recession and interest rates. On top of this, a housing shortage there has made things infinitely more complicated for buyers and sellers. When interest rates hit 7%, this did not help a market where the inventory of homes below $300,000 was low to begin with. With all this, and a great deal of uncertainty in mind, now's the perfect time to look at the most successful real estate pros in the area. Here are four of the best in Green Bay.

Jennifer Landro’s team has made 455 sales in the last 12 months. This alone would put her at the top of our list today. She and he colleagues have also garnered excellent feedback from users of Zillow, and Google (257 perfect reviews). Though her website is not a thing of beauty aesthetically or SEO-wise (66/100), Landro does tick all the same boxes as other highly successful real estate marketers.  

2,400 engaged followers on Facebook with daily posts conveying useful information and personality is another big plus. Her Instagram feed is not as passionate as the Facebook entity, but it’s useful, timely, and well-organized. It looks like she’s deleted the Twitter account, which is a good move until Elon Musk creates a matrix that helps convert home sales. The team is also in the local news periodically, which indicates an effort at traditional media branding and conversions. Finally, Landro has a Youtube channel, but it looks as if this aspect was just created. 

Website, Facebook, Contact # +1 920-759-2036

Greg Dallaire has had more than 390 sales in the past year. His team is not perfect for reviews on either Google (4.8/5.0), or Zillow (4.9/5.0), but he has 14,000 followers on Facebook. What’s significant about his Facebook marketing is that he’s one of the few who maintains a 4.9 rating from 268 reviewers. After evaluating hundreds of agents, I find this to be a big plus. Also, the Green Bay agent is frequently mentioned on local TV, radio, and in print/digital news. 

Dallaire’s on-page SEO for his website is stellar, though the site could use some improvements like links and usability. He also seems to have been using Google Ads for leads to convert, as well.  He also maintains a powerful LinkedIn profile with 1,332 followers.

Website, Facebook, Contact # +1 920-569-0827

Jill Dickson-Kesler and her team have made 117 sales in the past year. Like Jennifer Landro, she’s also garnered hundreds of perfect reviews on Zillow and nearly flawless Google feedback. The Coldwell Banker agent’s website is above par in both aesthetics, and for SEO (80/100). Unlike some of the other Green Bay professionals, she seems to rely a good deal on LinkedIn, where she has over 1,000 followers. This professional network is highly underrated by many real estate pros. 

Where this Green Bay agent excels is in her personable approach to client relations, social interaction, and especially where local media is concerned. The Green Bay Press and others source her news a lot. Another thing that impressed me, is the fact she built her website rather than sticking with the cookie-cutter Coldwell Banker one. The SEO score above also indicates her IT team is on the job. The team is already building a stunning Instagram featuring the agent’s new brand Jill & Co. And ditto for their Youtube channel. The bottom line, this agency seems to be progressing fast whereas others seem stuck with brick-and-mortar methods. 

Website, Facebook, Contact # +1 920 680-7288

Todd Wiese and his team are right on the heels of Landro and the clothes with 184 sales in the past 12 months, hundreds of perfect Zillow reviews, and 114 nearly perfect Google reviews. On Facebook Wiese has 2,400 followers, and his team works similarly to Landros’. He too seems to have dumped Twitter, which over the years has been a terrible real estate lead generator. The team’s website is functional, which is about the only good thing I can say about it. With an SEO score of only 68/100, it appears as a necessity and an oversight. 

This agent has not put much stock into Instagram and some of the other channels. The team made 1,500 posts on Instagram, but they have less than 200 followers. Wiese is not mentioned much in local, state, or nationwide traditional media. And he does not seem to be deep into Google Ads or other effective branding/conversion methods outside social media. The Wiese Youtube channel has very few followers even though he claims in one video that the reason for his success is “massive marketing.” I guess this must be email marketing because there’s nothing massive about the agent’s online presence. Wiese was wise enough to become a Zillow Featured Agent, however. 550 perfect Zillow reviewers the reason you see this agent here. 

Website, Facebook, Contact # +1 920-406-2460

Phil Butler is a former engineer, contractor, and telecommunications professional who is editor of several influential online media outlets including part owner of Pamil Visions with wife Mihaela. Phil began his digital ramblings via several of the world’s most noted tech blogs, at the advent of blogging as a form of journalistic license. Phil is currently top interviewer, and journalist at Realty Biz News.
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