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Albania Is Named Top Travel Destination for 2012

By Allison Halliday | February 6, 2012

It looks as if the little as if the little known Balkan nation of Albania is set to be one of the top travel destinations of the 2012. Last year the country was named "Best in Travel for 2011" by the well-respected Lonely Planet guides, while London’s Financial Times named it as one of the most intriguing prospects for emerging travel. If you're planning to travel this year, you may consider Albania or why not try this out and explore Cayman Islands in the Caribbean.

Lalzit Bay Resort, Albania

Albania has already been named by MSN Travel as being one of the Hottest Destinations of this year. Cox & Kings, who are one of the longest established travel companies in the world, have Albania in fourth position this year on their prestigious shortlist. Cox & Kings irresistibly describe Albania as being a “Landscape of almost heart wrenching beauty, rugged mountains, snow-capped for much of the year, towering above unspoilt white sand beaches and green mysterious valleys.”

It is often called a country which is awakening from a period of oppressive hibernation, and MSN Travel says” Bordered by Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro, Albania is nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean but has long been ignored as a travel destination after years of being shuttered in communist isolation. But the world is slowly awakening to its potential both as a beach and historical destination.”

Ravin Maharajah, partner in Lalzit Bay & Spa Resort, a five star resort currently under construction on the beautiful Adriatic coastline of Albania had this to say: “We are extremely confident of the success that will come out of Albania as it heads away from oppression and towards modern Europe. There is an abundance of sunshine, white sandy beaches, crystal clear warm waters, beautiful mountain ranges and above all a kind, warm and generous population.” He went on to comment on how favorably impressed he has been by the Albanians efforts to push their country forward, including the changes made to infrastructure.

Lalzit Bay Resort apartments are just moments from the beach, and are situated in beautiful private gardens while the villas are stylishly appointed and have private swimming pools. Prices begin at just €35,000, and more details can be found on their website.

Allison Halliday is a Realty Biz News contributing writer. She handles International Real Estate and is a seasoned blogger.
  • 9 comments on “Albania Is Named Top Travel Destination for 2012”

    1. Albania is the best place to be! the best food in Europe, lovely people, friendly! And also it is cheap and the beaches are just wonderful. I do not have words to describe how beautiful it is. Everyone who has a chance should visit it. no wonder they were the first Europeans where there were no Greeks and other nations. Definitely a place to visit! Try Dhermia. i love that place is south Albania.

    2. i agree, worth a visit for the scenery,the people everything - go to the mountains of Tirane and within an hour you can be on the beach of duress - fantastic.....and cheeper than rest of europe and quality of food etc great...

    3. Last summer, some friends and I took a roadtrip through the coastline of albania. We visited the beautiful coastcities Durrës, vlorë and saranda.. From saranda, Down South, you Can see the greek Island of corfu, and Can sail to corfu for 20minutes.. And from the coastline of durrës, you Can see italian landscape. You truely get the Best of All worlds ón the absolute hidden treasure of Europe! and everything is so cheap Down there 🙂

    4. I used to love Albanie and have been working there for many years (1993). Once upon a time, yes the beaches were beautiful. But illegal constructions, no waste water management made beaches definitively hugly, extremely dirty and polluted. Thus, I do not spend anymore vacation on the Albanian beaches.

    5. An emerging nation state with a richly diverse ladscape, flora and fauna, Albania today is not the image most people would have of a grey former Stalinist/Mao Tse-tung/atheist regime - and quite rightly so now with over 25 years of freedom. The people are delightful, so is the naturally grown local food (and wine!), the beaches sandy and increasingly clean, and thanks to the EU, national roads, all waste management and the infrastructure are vastly better than 2004 when I first found this gem - and immediately invested in it. I simply love it and the dear friends I have made here.

    6. I agree, Albania is a wonderful country. I lived their from 1997-2005. The scenery is magnificent, the food wonderful, the people, outside the cities, generous to a fault. Now the infrastructure is much improved, though forget rail travel.

      The beaches are wonderful, though by midday walking on the sand in bare feet can be painful. Oh, and if you get to go in the water early in the morning, watch out for the jelly fish. I used to spend a few minutes chasing them out to sea.

      Albania is most definitely Europe's hidden treasure.

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