Albania’s Potential Real Estate Boom

Albania tourism logoIn investment news from Albania, Prime Minister Sali Berisha looked to the construction sector to help promote Albania’s International Construction Fair, RealEX 2011, which opened in Tirana this week. The fair hosts some 60 construction companies within Albania, in the region, and from around Europe. Legendary billionaire real estate guru Donald Trump was scheduled to speak at the event.

RealEX 2011 is open through today, and will also see Trump present the Constructor of 2011 Award, according to the reports from the conference. News of the events gained more significance on the heels of reports about lower Albania rents, land prices, and potential for growth, combined with suggestions the Albania Riviera may become the next boom in property. Our Eastern Europe travel news site, the Albania Travel portal Argophilia Travel Albania, and other sources also show some movement in Southeastern Europe especially.

Aside the beachfront on the Ionian Sea, and South of Durres, the interior of Albania is a virtual national park of untapped property resource. Construction in and around Tirana is a good sign of the potential to come for the capital city, but also for all Albania and the region. There are issues and hurdles to overcome, in as far as Albania has a bit of a black eye where corruption and business are concerned. However, these problems seems to be, more and more, getting sorted out. Trump visiting Albania is also a good sign.

We will have more on the Balkans as news comes in.

Albania logo courtesy the Albanian Ministry of Tourism



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