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All The World's A Stage - Virtually

By Anita Cooper | September 8, 2011

“All the world’s a stage...”, penned Shakespeare; so why not take a cue from the famous wordsmith and use a “virtual stage” to sell property? Commonly used among architects and urban planners, “virtual staging” involves the digital creation of landscaping, buildings and other structures to show what a property can look like, in contrast to its current condition.

Original property. Image courtesy of edobavirtual

Although tradition and ethics dictate that property be listed in an “as is” condition, virtual staging, when used appropriately, can make the case for the purchase of a home when those flowery phrases fail. has designed software that creates renderings which are eerily lifelike, playing to a property’s strengths and softening its negatives. Edobavirtual’s Principal Designer Gary Robertson told agbeat about the software:

“We’ve developed a new technology that actually improves the positives, while eliminating the cons: Virtual Property Design (VPD) is a specialized virtual technology that creates amazingly realistic photos of a property showing different design and architectural concepts in place.”

The possibilities for this technology are only limited by the realtor’s imagination. For example, realtors can use virtual staging technology to spotlight “before” and “after” pictures of homes they are listing, helping buyers to realize the value of a property - highlighting the numerous possibilities it may offer.  It would also prove highly beneficial to help buyers see the potential of foreclosed homes which are in need of repairs.

Virtual rendition. Image courtesy of edobavirtual

You don’t have to be a computer virtuoso to use this service - simply send Edobavirtual your images and fill out forms you can download from their website, and within 3 to 5 days you will receive high quality images that you can use however you see fit. Edobavirtual merely requests credit be given to the images if you use them in any publication.

As of the time of this writing, prices for this amazing service start at just $95 - a good investment that will help your clients more easily visualize the properties you are listing.

Anita Cooper is a copy and content writer with a vendetta against bad copy. She helps real estate tech companies grow their pipeline by providing lead gen copy and content.

Have world real estate news to share?If you do and would like to interview, feel free to contact Anita at [email protected].
  • 5 comments on “All The World's A Stage - Virtually”

    1. The picture above is not technically classified as a true representation of a new technology called virtual staging. This is a picture of what the home could look like if it were remodeled and is shown above as an architectural CAD rendering. This would be very typical of an interior designer or architect to present to a client showing a 3D rendering of the exterior of a home.

      Virtual staging which has become a new staging trend is utilizing photos of a vacant home provided by a realtor or seller and digitally placing furnishings and decor into the picture to display a staged home. We do not take advantage of CAD programs that can change any physical aspects of a property when it comes to "selling" a home like changing paint colors or removing appliances or fixtures that are attached to the home.

      Virtual staging is still a concept to be learned but glad to see buzz about it. Its true intentions are not to mislead as the picture above does but to provide another option when trying to sell a vacant home that is more economical than traditional staging. For more info about our patent-pending virtual staging service can visit Thx

    2. A bit of a correction on this article. What we offer would not be considered Virtual Staging. That process – referred to in earlier comments – is adding images of furniture to existing photos to "stage" empty rooms. Our service, VPD (Virtual Property Design), creates a true to scale 3d model of the room or property and is a way to enable people to visualize what can be done to improve a property – a useful tool for both buyers and sellers (and contractors). It takes a process and technology that before was only used for very expensive architectural projects, and makes it affordable enough to be a powerful tool for any real estate transaction/project. On the example shown with this article, it was the potential buyer of the property who requested a design concept for the building they were considering. The VPD concept that was created is designed on the same footprint of the existing structure and the client let us know that it was extremely valuable to them in their purchasing decision. As with all VPDs, this concept is to scale based on the measurements we received.

      1. Thanks for enlightening us Gary, yeah I see what you mean now, there's a big difference between the two.

        You guys do an awesome job anyway 😉

    3. This is not virtual staging. Virtual Staging will not modify structural elements of a property and make a home look like it is something it is not...This is just plain architectural rendering.

      1. I think the term 'virtual staging' is just a more modern phrase for architectural rendering, is it not? Except that virtual staging specifically regards to the use of technology...

        Correct me if I'm wrong...

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