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Are U-Haul Trucks Affordable With Rising Home and Gas Prices?

By Al Twitty | August 17, 2022

Americans are constantly on the move, and using U-Haul trucks is still one of the most popular ways people choose to get their stuff from one place to another. According to one study, each year, approximately 9.8 percent of Americans move to a new home. 

But with gas prices skyrocketing and the cost of living continuing to increase, is using U-Haul trucks to move still an affordable choice?

Read on to see if U-Haul costs are rising and to learn about the basics of moving truck rental costs and moving costs. You'll be able to determine whether choosing U-Haul is a viable option for you.

U-Haul Costs Remain Stable

In a June 2022 press release, U-Haul claimed that its low base rates for in-town rentals remained the same. The fleet of U-Haul trucks also includes a variety of fuel-saving features that are much more efficient than the competition.

The company also has over 23,000 different rental locations across the nation, giving residents in every state a much more easily accessible choice. Not only does this make it easier for you, but it also reduces fuel use. Simply find the nearest U-Haul location, and drop off the truck when you're done.

Whether you're moving across town or across the country, these trucks are designed to save you money. It may even be less expensive than using your own vehicle or hiring a professional mover to do the job.

With moving costs rising, it's important to try and save as much money as possible. Thanks to these money-saving features, you're able to get to your new home for less than you would if you used a different provider.

What Makes U-Haul Trucks Affordable?

So, what makes a truck rental cost from U-Haul more affordable than other providers? First, the truck's designs are low-profile and aerodynamically shaped, which helps you save on fuel.

U-Haul trucks use unleaded gas, while other companies' trucks may require diesel. On average, unleaded gasoline is $0.30 cheaper per gallon than diesel.

The trucks rented from U-Haul feature low, rounded corners and advanced chassis skirts that reduce wind drag. This simple change in design can save movers up to 20% in total fuel costs.

All U-Haul moving trucks also include a special fuel economy gauge that provides you with real-time feedback as you drive. This helps to optimize your fuel consumption and may save up to 25% on total fuel intake.

The trucks also include patented, aerodynamic high-visibility mirrors to help you see clearly and reduce wind drag. Properly inflated radial tires are always inspected before you drive away. Riding on properly inflated tires can save yet another 3% on fuel costs.

More Ways to Save

Whether you choose U-Haul rentals or another company, there are other ways you can save money on fuel during a move. First, make sure that you choose a truck size that allows you to move everything in one single trip to save gas, energy, and time.

As you're driving to your new home, avoid accelerating too hard and braking too much. This will keep your U-Haul truck's fuel economy gauge in the green zone.

If possible, tow your personal vehicle behind your moving truck. This helps you avoid having to drive two separate vehicles, which also saves you more. Pro tip: Pack your car full of smaller, personal items to save space in the truck.

As you plan your move, prepare your route ahead of time. It's the best way to ensure you take the shortest route and will help you avoid making too many pitstops along the way.

When comparing U-Haul costs, consider renting a smaller truck with better miles per gallon. You can tow a trailer (which doesn't require gas) behind the truck to bring extra cargo along. Choose a U-Haul location close to your destination so it costs less to drop off the truck when you're done. 

More Benefits of Choosing U-Haul Trucks

In addition to choosing U-Haul trucks for their fuel-saving perks, there are other ways that the company can help you save money. The truck's low deck and wide, stable EZ-Load Ramp is 50% easier to load and unload than other moving trucks.

Each truck features a gentle-ride suspension that's specially designed to handle the average weight of most household furniture. Many other companies have tall trucks with rough suspensions that are better suited for heavy-duty cargo than household goods.

When you rent a U-Haul truck, you'll enjoy a pickup-style can for quiet, easy riding to your destination. The cab features independent seating for three people, and the driver and passenger seats are separated for individual comfort. Most moving trucks have a bench-style seat that feels stiff and cramped.

With well over 20,000 locations, choosing U-Haul trucks is also more convenient. You're much more likely to find a pickup and dropoff location through U-haul that's nearby and convenient for you than you would with another company.

Choosing a one-way move helps to save you valuable time, too. Simply pick up your truck at your nearest U-Haul location, then drop it off at a location closest to your new home once you're done.

Make Your Move

Although the cost of gas and housing is on the rise, choosing U-Haul trucks to move your stuff is a smart, money-saving choice. Remember to compare your options carefully to ensure that U-haul rentals are the right option for your moving needs.

To learn more about the real estate market, get moving tips, and so much more, be sure to check out the rest of our website and contact us today to find out more.

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