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Are You Implementing Mobile Construction Technology? 4 Reasons You Should be Doing it

By Al Twitty | December 19, 2017

The world is increasingly becoming mobilized with each passing year, and it is critical that construction firms recognize the importance of implementing various mobile construction technologies in their day-to-day processes. Furthermore, the construction industry is evolving every year, meaning that companies have to implement technology in the constantly changing industry. Using mobile tools in your company offers you an integrated solution for improving how you run your business across various areas, while ensuring that you keep up with your competitors in the industry.

While the construction industry is generally reluctant in embracing the benefits of IT, builders are now aware that they need to collaborate closely with their IT-savvy colleagues like engineers and architects. Consequently, laptops and handheld devices are becoming popular in the mayhem of building sites, alongside mud and hard hats. Apart from implementing innovative building technologies, construction companies should be implementing mobile technology for the following benefits.

Helps Avoid Costly Construction Errors
Using paper forms and the manual processes usually leads to numerous errors that can be extremely costly to running your business. Maintaining physical paperwork is time-consuming, can sometimes be impossible to read and will often get lost in the process of carrying out business. This leads to miscommunication, payroll mistakes, project delays and numerous other issues.

Using mobile technology will help reduce these errors by streamlining all your different processes under one umbrella. Your workers will submit their hours directly from the field, voiding payroll mistakes. Plus, they will directly communicate with their team members, helping them finish their assigned tasks efficiently.

Reduce Liability Issues and Avoid Litigation
Using mobile technology helps you get accurate documentation from the field, meaning you have lower chances of getting into legal trouble. For instance, an extremely critical component in the construction industry is safety inspections, but paper forms cannot be used to verify the specific time and place they were done. This is likely to put your firm at risk of various liability problems.

Once you implement mobile technology, you can solve such issues and provide validated date and time stamps, as well as collection of digital signatures. This offers you peace of mind that safety inspections, for instance, are completed efficiently and accurately. Should any disputes arise, this documentation will help settle any potential legal issues or action.

Increasing Worker Accountability
Using GPS tracking technology will help you find out where field technicians are at any time of the day. Accountability out in the field can sometimes be a problem since back office managers do not know what tasks their workers are involved in. GPS tracking will offer your project managers the ability to see real-time location, allowing them to see exactly how much time is spent on various construction sites, increasing worker accountability.

Increased Mobility
Using mobile apps for documentation and communication purposes helps improve the ability for your workers to work on the go. If you are constantly moving, your field workers will find it easier to document their work and communicate. As a result, there is less paperwork to worry about – plus, no more lost notes! – and they can focus better on the job at hand.

Lastly, you can use online resources like the Oklahoma Secretary of State Corporation Search to find out more information on any business entity. This helps in streamlining your business processes. Implementing a fully automated and integrated mobile construction software solution will help your company become even more efficient; leading to improved profitability.

If your construction company is lacking in organization, experiencing reduced productivity or you need to increase your profit margins, an automated construction tech solution is what you require.

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