The Rise of Solar-Powered Homes in Utah

According to Elon Musk, the energy needs of the entire United States could be provided by covering a part of Utah with solar panels. Solar panels have indeed come a long way — both in the advancement of the technology and the reduction of costs. But is solar power truly a viable option in Utah, […]

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Key Millennial Real Estate Trends

With the millennial generation having a huge impact when it comes to the workforce, retail, technology and more, it’s no wonder that younger buyers are also currently making their presence felt in the real estate arena, too. In fact, they’re one of the biggest markets now and realtors, property managers and homeowners and landlords alike […]

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How To Avoid Real Estate Bargains that Leave You Broke

The real estate industry in New Jersey went anemic for many years but is slowly getting back on track again with median homes sitting at so enticing price of $318,800, which is about up by 8% from last year’s. Although the current offers do not match the hefty prices during the pre-recession peak more than […]

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