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How Can Real Estate Brokers Take Advantage of Billboard Advertising?

By Al Twitty | June 3, 2022

As online advertising options proliferate regularly, many believe that traditional OOH marketing methods have fallen by the wayside. But, this isn’t true for classics like billboard advertising, especially in the real estate industry.

Billboard ads are an effective and trusted method of attracting new consumers who wish to purchase new listings or sell existing ones. Here’s how real estate brokers can benefit from billboard ads:

Benefits of Billboard Advertising in Real Estate

Real estate brokers have used billboard ads to attract home buyers for many years. While some may believe it’s an old-fashioned way of advertising, they remain an effective option to build brand credibility and attract buyers. Here are some benefits of using billboard ads in real estate:

Building Brand Awareness

Most people see billboard ads multiple times a day. Whether your billboard advertisement is in a residential area or on highways, passers-by can see it all through the day. This creates repeated exposure which means your brand name, services and ethos are more likely to have a lasting impact on the customer’s mind. Therefore, billboard advertising helps real estate brokers broaden their consumer base.

Better Visibility

Billboard ads are large advertisements that can easily grab your attention and make a product or service stand out. Unlike other modes of advertising, such as newspaper ads or flyers that can be easily missed, billboards are hard to ignore or miss due to their large size and eye-capturing graphics.

Offer Wide Appeal

Billboard ads are typically located in high-traffic areas and busy highways so that it reaches more people. This way, billboard advertisements cater to a wide range of general audiences. Since real estate brokers want to tap a broader and more diverse segment of people, billboards are an effective way to reach their target audience.

Offer Location Flexibility

To this day, advertising through billboards remains a to-go method for many real estate brokers. You can select your preferred billboard location to attract the desired type of audience. Choosing a suitable location that will help promote your services to a wide range of audiences is essential for the success of your billboard ads.

Always Present

Unlike other advertisements like digital ads that a user can close or TV commercials that air only during their selected slots, billboard ads are always on. Also, people passing by your billboard ads don’t have much choice to ignore them or close them as they do with the digital ads. It’s right there and stays there 24-hours.

Best Practices for Real Estate Billboard Ads

Although billboards are a compelling and efficient way to advertise and reach the audience, their success depends on the strategies and tactics used to position the billboards and their content. Some best practices of using billboard ads for real estate are:

Location Is Everything

One of the most significant factors essential for the success of a real estate billboard advertisement is its location. Location plays a vital role as the number of people and the type of audience a billboard advertisement will target solely depends on its placement.

If you place the advertisement alongside busy highways, it will attract a general crowd. If you want your real estate billboard to be noticed by home buyers and sellers, you need to strategically place it in hot real estate activity areas that attract such crowds. Since the real estate industry is ideal for outdoor campaigning, you can get the most out of your billboard ads by selecting a suitable location. 

Fewer Words are Better

When it comes to content on billboard ads, less is more. This holds true for real estate billboard advertising also. Most billboards are meant for motorists, who have only a few seconds to view and understand your advertisement. That’s why it’s essential to have clutter-free billboards that display only the relevant information.

Most billboards display one-liners or similar information that provides the necessary information to the consumers. Avoid putting too much information and congesting your billboard, as it will only have a negative impact on the consumers.

Considering that people travel in their vehicles and focus on driving while passing by your billboards, allot for around six seconds of noticing the time. So you need to get a message that requires less than six seconds to read. Even though you may have the urge to add more information about your business and success stories, you need to avoid it as it will only lead to clutter and make it hard for the people to gather essential information.

Creativity Counts

Just because you have to be concise with your message on the billboard doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Your billboard campaign should be creative and inspiring to drive home buyers towards your real estate brand. To capture the attention of potential home buyers or sellers, you need to have an attractive and creative billboard advertisement.

You can make your billboard stand out by creating an impactful message and design that captivates the people. Using high-tech gadgets and digital billboards can also help attract the target audience. 

The More the Billboards, the Better

When it comes to the number of billboards — the more, the better. Having just one billboard is not a practical approach. If you want to grab attention and create a lasting impact on your consumer’s minds, incorporating multiple billboards at various locations will be helpful.

When people see your advertisements at different locations, it helps create trust and awareness about your brand. Also, having more billboards means you can target a larger audience and increase your chances of getting noticed. Another benefit is if a motorist passes by your billboard and misses reading some information, they can read it on some other billboard they see on their way.

Amplify Your Real Estate Business With Billboard Advertising

Billboards are a powerful and effective way of attracting target consumers and creating brand awareness. Using billboard ads, real estate brokers can boost their visibility and tap a large segment, which can help them boost their sales.

By incorporating the abovementioned best practices, you can take advantage of billboard ads and build a trustworthy relationship with home buyers.

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