Can you Afford a House with a Bad Credit History?

So you finally found a home of your dreams but the big ‘F’ is the problem. You have no idea where you will get the money. Your credit history is bad and your income debt ratio is worse.

3 Easy Ways to Grow Your Real Estate Investment Portfolio

When you decide to take a step into the real estate world, don’t remain a toddler; go in all the way. Think of venturing into corporate rentals, Airbnb rentals, rental properties or investing in shares with Real Estate Investment Trusts.

3 Easy Steps to Buying a Home

Investing in real estate is not a simple task like going to a grocery store to pick, pay and leave. It is a bit complicated and therefore has a process. If you want value for your investment in the long run,

5 Challenges You Will Face in the Real Estate Business

When you think real estate; capital gains, rental income, home ownership and cash flow come to mind. That is the big picture. Is it really that easy and rosy? Maybe not. Just like you might start

5 Tips for Obtaining Home Insurance

You need home insurance in the event of destruction or serious damage to your home. Insurance will cover replacement costs preventing a financial crisis in your life.

6 Tips on How to Get Your Home Ready for Sale

Since you want to sell your house fast, you need to make sure it is ready and appealing to buyers. Unfortunately,

Important Questions to Ask Before Buying A House

You will make costly mistakes if you don’t stand up and ask some important questions about the house.

4 Top Reasons Why Millennials Aren’t Buying Homes

Why aren’t millennials buying homes thought they seem to be earning a lot? With the affordability still within the historical average, it is hard to explain why millennials would rather buy iPads than invest in buying homes.

Tips for Hiring HVAC Experts For Your Home

Of all the systems in your home or office, the heating and cooling system is the most complex. Other than the complexity, it is the system that can cost you a lot in utility bills if it isn’t functioning efficiently.

How To Use LinkedIn to Generate More Leads In Real Estate

Email marketing works too but, over the past few years, digital marketing, LinkedIn, in particular is gaining ground as the go-to real estate lead-generator.

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