Make Free Business Apps with Conduit Mobile

A slick website with all kinds of cool features is an essential part of today’s marketing strategy, but as large business continues to grow, keeping pace with all the technology and finding other creative avenues to drive more customers is critical if you hope to compete.

Spot-on Connect Offers a Low-Cost IDX Solution for WordPress Websites

WordPress has become a popular and affordable alternative for real estate agents to use when first starting a website or industry blog. While numerous web development companies that specialize in building real estate websites are available to consumers, opting for a simple, easy-to-use WordPress site that gives agents total control is something that many find to be a viable option when first jumping into marketing themselves online.

The 7 Best Stock Photography Websites Currently on the Internet

Let’s face it, when it comes to the appearance and overall feel of your real estate website, having the right photos can make or break a user’s experience. Depending on where you live or the real estate market in which you do business, finding attractive, professional photographs and images shouldn’t be too difficult.

12 Real Estate Websites With Striking Home Page Designs

Your real estate website’s homepage is critical for keeping traffic on the site and increasing the odds of converting that traffic into actual homebuyers. Along with dictating the flow of the site, a homepage’s main purpose is to give you an introduction to what your website is about as a whole, and of course to make a positive first impression on users who reach your page.

How To Add Infographics To Your Real Estate Website

When building a real estate website, including things like content, photos, and even videos is of course the bare essentials if you really want to drive traffic and keep home buyers on your site. But what else can you do to dress up your site and provide for an even better user experience that will not only keep home buyers on your site for the time being, but keep them coming back down the road?

A List of 10 Obscure Social Websites You Likely Don’t Use

Nearly every website or webpage on the internet today gives users the ability to share its content, photos or videos on social media websites. But if you’re like me, perhaps you’ve always been curious about what some of these sites are and who exactly uses each one. Most of us waste enough time on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as it is, so who really has the time to update even just a few more social media sites, let alone a few dozen?

20 Real Estate & Design Focused Pinterest Profiles Worth Following

Earlier in the week, we highlighted some great Pinterest profiles from real estate agents and professionals in the industry, but if you love real estate, design, and architecture, there’s certainly much more to follow on Pinterest than just people working in the industry. Below are what we found to be 20 Real Estate & Design Focused Pinterest Profiles Worth Following:

Manage Real Estate Transactions with Cartavi™

As one of the largest financial transactions you’ll ever make, it’s easy to understand why there is so much paperwork involved with buying a home or condo. And while sorting through all those documents, loan applications, and financial statements may seem stressful to buyers, keeping everything in order and well-organized is also just as taxing on real estate agents and professionals as it is to the home buyers.

Top Real Estate Related Pinterest Accounts

Pinterest is a great social media marketing tool for real estate agents if used correctly. Because of its image-based layout and unique ability to create what is essentially a “virtual storefront”, being able to pin photos of property listings, neighborhoods, agents on your team, or anything else relating to your real estate business is a hip and modern way to reach today’s home buyers.

The Problem of Real Estate Domain Clustering

Domain clustering is generally referring to multiple search results yielding the same domain, which can often result in poor search quality, especially if that domain is a bad website. In the real estate world, we most often see domain clustering from the heavy hitters in the industry like Trulia, Zillow, and