Google Business Profile for Real Estate: Should Agents Set Up a Page?

Marketing your real estate business has always been an incredibly crucial task. You can’t be successful without sourcing clients, and in today’s always-connected world, one of the most effective ways real estate agents can become social media marketers and have a true digital marketing strategy is by taking advantage of the fact that all of

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Real Estate Testimonials How to Ask Past Clients to Leave Online Reviews

Building your real estate business is a full-time job. You can’t help clients buy and sell the property unless you’ve got those clients, to begin with, after all! That’s why successful real estate professionals spend so much time and energy on marketing themselves and building their brands along with real estate testimonials. Today, one of

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Google to remove more personal info from its search results upon request

As concerns over internet privacy and online harassment continue to grow, Google last week announced that users now have a way to remove personal information such as their physical addresses, personal phone numbers and email addresses from its search engine results. In a statement, Google said the changes were made so that users can protect

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Google My Business to Relaunch as Google Business Profile

oogle intends to rename its Google My Business app and relaunch it as Google Business Profile to help business owners “foster meaningful conversations with customers on Google.”

Google Introduces New Enhanced Conversions for Leads

With enhanced conversions for leads, you can set up your offline lead measurement through the Google Ads or Google Tag Manager interface.

Google Ads Strategies for Real Estate Agencies

Marketers from all industries favor Google Ads because of their broad reach. For example, real estate agents could use them to promote listings on Google Search, YouTube, and other sites across the web.

Google Drops FLoC, Pivots Towards Topics and FLEDGE

Last week Google dropped FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts) – a controversial technology Google planned as part of the Privacy Sandbox initiative. FLoC was supposed to give advertisers the means of targeting ads without exposing details on individual users by clustering them into groups based on their browsing activity. But FLoC triggered powerful opposition from

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Essential Google Updates You Must Know at the Beginning of 2022

Google will phase out third-party cookies in the Chrome browser by mid-2023.
Google rolled out the indexifembedded robots tag, giving webmasters more control over when their content is indexed.

Why Real Estate Agencies Should Consider Page Rank

Marketing your real estate company involves so many different factors. Digital marketing alone, which is one of the primary methods for business marketing today, is complex and complicated. How one goes about doing this is a comprehensive task. As a result, many realtors choose to focus on just one or two specific goals when it

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Google Local Pack Tips for Real Estate Agents

Local search SEO for real estate agents can offer significant advantages over the competition once they unlock Google Local Pack’s secrets and follow Google’s SEO rules.    Leveraging onsite and offsite SEO can boost your search engine rankings and your position in the Google local pack – the first-page section of the search results showing you local businesses

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