About Kevin: Kevin has been a full time agent for almost 18 years. Kevin works with both residential buyers and sellers in Essex and Northern Middlesex Counties in Massachusetts. Kevin is a regular blogger who enjoys educating consumers about how to me the most of their next home purchase or sale. Visit his website at https://merrimackvalleymarealestate.com.

Does A Bedroom Have to Have A Closet?

Contrary to popular belief a bedroom is usually not required to have a closet. So what makes a bedroom a bedroom?

Rectifying Final Walkthrough Issues- Don’t Get Stuck With A Problem

One of the final steps before closing on your home is the final walkthrough.  In some circumstances, your final walkthrough may not be as perfect as you expected. What is the Final Walkthrough? This is a home buyer’s last chance to determine if the home is being delivered as expected as well as what is

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What is Broom Clean Condition?

The term broom clean condition is used in many real estate contracts. But what is “broom clean condition”? It is a term left open for much interpretation.

Buyer’s Agents Do More Than Unlock Doors

There is nothing more confusing when buying a house than understanding your “legal” relationship with your real estate agent.  Yes, your state laws define how an agent can legally work for you or with you. Here in Massachusetts you can buy a home through a Buyer’s Agent, Selling Agent, Dual Agent, Facilitator, Designated Agent and

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Should I Use An Adjustable Rate Mortgage To Finance My Home?

When you purchase or refinance your home, in your quest to find the best mortgage rates, you may may be offered an adjustable rate mortgage as an option to a fixed rate mortgage. Your mortgage officer may suggest an adjustable rate because the initial interest rate will be lower, making the monthly payment lower than

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The SHOCKING Truth About Open Houses

As you drive through Any City, USA, on any given weekend, everywhere you turn there are open house signs. Colorful balloons and streamers are trying to catch your attention to pull you into that house for sale. But there is really a shocking truth about open houses every seller should know. Open houses for decades

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