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Navigating The Market As A First-Time Home Buyer 2021

By Kevin Vitali | January 29, 2021
2021 has continued to be frustrating for first time home buyer in Massachusetts as well as many of the metro markets throughout the country.  While some areas are shoeing signs of the market weakening popular metro areas are continuing along the same vein as 2020.  So how do you navigate the real estate market as […]
Should I Use A Paint and Primer In One
US Real Estate

What To Know About Paint And Primer In One

By Kevin Vitali | December 19, 2020
Paint and primers in one are showing up on shelves everywhere. But what do you need to know about the primer/paint products? They work for some applications but not others/
Buying a condo in a mide rise condo complex
US Real Estate

Buying A Condo In 2020- 7 Steps For Success

By Kevin Vitali | September 16, 2020
Get some great tips on buying a condo in 2020.
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Wire Fraud In A Real Estate Transaction

By Kevin Vitali | September 4, 2020
Everywhere you turn there is someone trying to scam you.  That includes being a victim of sort fraud during a real estate transaction.  That includes identity theft, being a victim of  rental scams on Craigslist, and wire fraud. A real estate transaction involves a lot of money.  With a lot of money the scammers come […]
Does a bedroom have to have a closet?- What are the legal requirements for a bedroom
Home Buying, US Real Estate

Does A Bedroom Have to Have A Closet?

By Kevin Vitali | July 17, 2020
Contrary to popular belief a bedroom is usually not required to have a closet. So what makes a bedroom a bedroom?
Rectifying Final Walkthrough Issues
Home Buying, US Real Estate

Rectifying Final Walkthrough Issues- Don't Get Stuck With A Problem

By Kevin Vitali | May 11, 2020
One of the final steps before closing on your home is the final walkthrough.  In some circumstances, your final walkthrough may not be as perfect as you expected. What is the Final Walkthrough? This is a home buyer’s last chance to determine if the home is being delivered as expected as well as what is […]
US Real Estate

What is Broom Clean Condition?

By Kevin Vitali | April 27, 2020
The term broom clean condition is used in many real estate contracts. But what is "broom clean condition"? It is a term left open for much interpretation.
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