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Boston Logic Launches Ace, a Real Estate Marketing Solution

Boston Logic, a technology platform powering enterprise brokerages throughout the country recently announced the launch of Ace. This is a powerful technology solution tying together a team’s or brokerages website, lead routing and follow-up, online lead generation, CRM and online marketing, while also providing a skilled marketing person who is able to drive these campaigns and initiatives.

Ace is meant to help boutique brokerage companies and agent teams who frequently do not have a dedicated staff person able to lead their online marketing problems. David Friedman, founder and CEO of Boston Logic said “Through many years of working with brokerages, we’ve learned that one of the biggest obstacles that brokers and teams face is having the staff to help drive the technology in which they invest. We designed Ace to include marketing support because we want to provide not only great technology, but impactful outcomes, even when the brokerage or team doesn’t have full-time staff to do so in-house.”

The Boston Logic Ace solution is aimed at agent teams in brokerages with up to 50 agents who wish to grow their online business, automate marketing and customer follow-up, automate lead capture and scoring and to stay in touch with past clients.

Ace combines a dedicated remote chief technical and marketing administrator with Boston Logic’s comprehensive suite of brokerage technology solutions and typically costs less than $1000 a month for both the software and the expert.
Spencer Taylor, the Boston Logic’s Head of Product said “Ace is perfect for real estate professionals who want to sell homes, not manage websites and software. It provides technology to grow your business and the people to help you drive it. Ace experts become a part of your team to both pilot technology and do the hands-on work that you don’t have time for, the stuff that everybody’s job so it’s no-one’s job. Lots of our clients simply don’t make time for the basics, like sending a newsletter or connecting their Google account to their CRM. Your Ace will do it for you.”

Being able to effectively utilize real estate technology can mean the difference between success and failure in today’s real estate marketplace. Many smaller and mid-size brokerages and teams find it tricky to run an effective digital marketing campaign. They may struggle to give agents the marketing support and software integration they need to make them competitive with market leaders.

Ace is due to launch a pilot program with 20 select small brokerages and teams this month and will become publicly available on August 1.

Allison Halliday

Allison Halliday is a Realty Biz News contributing writer. She handles International Real Estate and is a seasoned blogger.

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