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Brad Schmett Real Estate Group announces Timelapse Film Festival

Brad Schmett, CEO and founder of Brad Schmett Real Estate Group always seems to stay one step ahead of the competition in the Greater Palm Springs Area. Brad's predictions of the real estate market have proven time and again to be extremely accurate and lucrative. On August 3rd, Brad Schmett Real Estate Group announces the 2019 Timelapse Film Festival, which focuses on bringing together a worldwide community of Timelapse Filmmakers and the worldwide audience of people who love viewing Timelapse films.

"Joshua Tree is the perfect place for artists, filmmakers and overall creative people to spend their time on what matters most to them. Many of them end up staying and purchasing land or properties and use them as vacation homes, retreats or full time living. People come from around the world to the Coachella Valley and they look to Brad Schmett Real Estate Group to help them with their home buying needs," said Brad.

The Timelapse Film Festival has emerged as a significant form of expression which is instantly recognizable worldwide. With the advancement of technology, professional and aspiring filmmakers now have the opportunity to connect in way that before were unavailable. In order to highlight the amazing quality and volume of Timelapse films, the festival has defined a broad range of categories. Juried awards will be given in each category, as well as the Grand Prize - Best in Show Award. Just a stone's throw away from Palm Springs, Joshua Tree is also home to the world famous Joshua Tree National Park, which attracts millions of visitors each years.

Brad Schmett commented, "At Brad Schmett Real Estate Group we are always looking for the trends that bring people to the Greater Palm Springs Area. Our team spends a lot of time in the community reaching out to creative people and home buyers and sellers alike to find out what their interests are and how we can be of service to them. We believe that satisfying our clients is simply the minimum requirement for staying in business. My Team and I strive constantly to improve our systems, processes and services to go well beyond the standard level of service provided by most agents. Simply put, our objective is to provide the best and highest level of service in the residential real estate industry. Period."

Brad continued, " Our team is very tech savvy and interested in new film and photographic techniques. We use advanced state-of-the-art drone technology as well as the highest quality lenses to shoot our real estate pictures. Our marketing team then ensures that they are perfect in post production before we release them. The video equipment that we use resembles a Hollywood production team.."

The Timelapse Film Festival Awards Ceremony will be held at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center in Southern California. The Awards will be presented on Saturday Night. The public is welcome to attend.


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