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Why Explore Italian Citizenship To Set Up A Retail Business In Italy

By RealtyBiz News | September 12, 2022
Italy has a lucrative retail marketplace, making it an attractive destination for international entrepreneurs. The regulatory landscape is liberal, and tax laws are favorable, so you need not worry about launching a retail venture in the country. Another reason the country makes a dream place is its easy immigration. In fact, you can even obtain […]
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Dar Al Arkan Partners With Top Designers for Luxury Living Spaces

By Jamie Richardson | August 15, 2022
Saudi property development company Dar Al Arkan is growing its presence in eight countries after earning a reputation for creating opulent, comfortable living spaces. Currently, co-branding is one of the biggest trends in luxury living, which is why Dar Al Arkan is partnering with some of the most famous names in high fashion: Versace, Missoni, […]
What Does a Real Estate Attorney Do For Home Sellers
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What Do Real Estate Attorneys Do For Sellers?

By Bill Gassett | August 8, 2022
When an attorney for real estate represents a seller, they could be involved in drafting contracts, negotiating terms, reviewing documents, as well as offering advice, and dealing with problems. If you are selling your home, hiring a lawyer for real estate could be a valuable decision, even if it isn’t required in your state. Lots […]
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The real estate pendulum swings again

By Rick Ellis | August 8, 2022
Galileo was inside the Pisa cathedral in Tuscany, Italy in the early 17th century when he observed the regular back and forth movement of a lamp hanging from the ceiling. Watching the swinging, he noticed the movement was constant and predictable, ultimately leading to his law of the pendulum. That constant swinging back and forth […]
Kelowna Condos Team
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Real Estate Client Retention: 3 Strategies for Keeping Past Clients on Your Roster

By RealtyBiz News | August 2, 2022
By Josh McGrath, Broker/Owner Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Central 1. Make it personal Success in this business is directly related to the relationships you build over time. How do you do that? Spend $50 a day on building one-on-one relationships with clients focused on two-way communication.  Schedule a lunch with a past client, […]
Coltyn Simmons
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Who You Hire Matters: Coltyn Simmons and Custom Fit Real Estate are Changing the Home Buying and Selling Industry

By Jamie Richardson | June 27, 2022
Reputation in real estate is everything. The team at Custom Fit Real Estate will tell you, ‘Who you hire matters’, and founder Coltyn Simmons, who has over 15 years of experience, and his team, all find pleasure in serving clients along their home buying and selling journeys. Custom Fit Real Estate is modernizing the industry, […]
Federal Reserve Building
Editorial Insider, US Real Estate

How the Federal Reserve is Helping the Housing Market

By Brian Kline | June 23, 2022
At first glance, it might seem intuitive that rising interest rates will have a negative effect on the housing market. However, with a little more thought, the opposite is more likely to be true. Interest rates rising today and for the next several months is probably good for the housing market. Specifically for home buyers […]
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