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More builders are 'going green'

By Mike Wheatley | March 18, 2016
Homes that come with energy-efficient features and a sustainable design are growing in popularity with an increasing number of buyers.
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Real Estate Trends - Features That Millennial Home Buyers Want in 2016

By Guest Author | March 16, 2016
Although millennials have been slow to take on home ownership, this is now changing at a rapid pace. Rents are going through the roof, and pressure to settle down come from multiple directions.
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Including Home Automation Systems With New Homes

By Mike Wheatley | March 1, 2016
As new home designs have become bigger and more elaborate in recent years, so too have the expectations of homeowners regarding what goes into these houses. It seems as though the idea of the “smart home” has been around for decades, with people envisioning robotic servants and appliances that respond to homeowner demands included as […]
DIY-Home Improvement, Home Design, Residential, US Real Estate

Green Building Materials for Sustainable Houses of the Future

By Guest Author | February 4, 2016
Building sustainably by making homes more energy efficient is one way of protecting the earth. When a home is more energy efficient, fewer resources are consumed in the home's daily operation.
DIY-Home Improvement, Home Design, US Real Estate

How to Prepare For a Major Renovation or Remodel

By Guest Author | January 16, 2016
Starting a major remodeling project is a long and tedious process with incredible reward, but it's made even more hectic when you fail to properly prepare.
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7 Great Backyard Ideas for a Comfortable Ambiance

By Guest Author | December 16, 2015
With the growing popularity of outdoor rooms, it's no wonder that people love spending time out behind their homes, enjoying the great outdoors. And what's not to love?
DIY-Home Improvement, Home Design, Real Estate, US Real Estate

Secrets to Spice up a Boring House Before Selling

By Guest Author | December 10, 2015
Before listing a home on the market, there are some secrets you should know that can spice up different features in each room.
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