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Buying a Home with 1099 Income

By Eric Jeanette | July 23, 2023
Buying a Home with 1099 Income: A Comprehensive Guide for US Buyers Buying a Home with 1099 Income can present unique challenges for self-employed individuals. Understanding the implications of 1099 income on mortgage loans is crucial. Lenders carefully assess tax returns and stable income to determine eligibility. Strategies such as maximizing chances of approval and […]

Surprise, Surprise: Mortgage Rates are Still High

By Catherine Tims | July 18, 2023
Much to the surprise of no one, mortgage rates have been on the rise in recent months. This trend shows little to no signs of stopping any time soon, but the fast-and-furious pace of rate hikes seems to be slowing, if only slightly. There are a few reasons why the cost of home lending has […]

Mortgage Rates Climb Ever Higher Once Again

By Catherine Tims | May 25, 2023
Recent market data has provided us with some bad news: average mortgage rates in the US have reached a new high-water mark. With an eye-watering rate of 7.17 percent, this new figure is a 52-week high, and real estate professionals are watching the markets closely to see how this will influence the coming weeks and […]
Condition Requirements For Homes With VA Loans
Home Buying, Mortgage, US Real Estate

What Are The Requirements For VA Loan Inspections

By Bill Gassett | March 28, 2023
VA appraisals and VA inspections are often confused, but they are different. A VA appraisal is similar in some ways to the appraisal with a conventional mortgage, but they do more to protect buyers. We look at a home's requirements when applying for a VA loan. There are VA loan inspection requirements for appraisals that […]
How Does an FHA Loan Work
Home Buying, Mortgage, US Real Estate

What to Know About FHA Loans

By Bill Gassett | March 16, 2023
Are you trying to decide the best mortgage options for buying your first home? If so, you have probably decided now is a good time to buy a house. If qualifying for a conventional loan is difficult, and you aren't eligible for VA or USDA loans, an FHA loan could be the answer. FHA loans […]

What Is the Role of a Mortgage Underwriter

By Catherine Tims | March 13, 2023
A real estate underwriter plays a critical role in the mortgage industry by evaluating loan applications and assessing real estate investment-associated risks. They work for lending institutions, such as banks and mortgage companies. The underwriting process can be complicated if you’re considering applying for a mortgage to buy your dream home. Read this quick guide […]
What to know about credit scores
Home Buying, Mortgage, US Real Estate

Essential Things to Know About Credit Scoring

By Bill Gassett | March 4, 2023
Do you plan on buying your first house? If so, understanding your credit scores are essential. When you are applying for a loan, your credit score is all-important. FICO and VantageScore commonly use a range of 300 to 850, but what is a good credit score? Understanding what a good credit score is when you […]
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