4 Top Tenant Tracking And Screening Tools

Renting out your property is a tremendous responsibility. As a landlord, you need to make sure that you find the right tenant to rent to who will treat you and your property with respect. With tenant tracking and screening tools, you can learn everything you need to know about a tenant.  Tenant trackers help you

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12 Vital Considerations Before Renting A Home

With many advantages to renting, like having fewer responsibilities and more flexibility, it is an obvious choice for many people. But even with fewer things to worry about, there are some considerations before renting a home that you need to be aware of. hi Research and due diligence are essential after jumping on the best

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How House Hacking Can Help You Reach Your Financial Goals

If you’re looking for a way to reach your financial goals, house hacking may be the answer. By definition, house hacking is when you live in a part of your investment property and rent out the other units to cover expenses. While it sounds simple in theory, there are a few things to keep in

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Navigating The California Small Claims Court as a Landlord

There are a variety of reasons that landlords can find themselves in the small claims court system. Tenants can attempt to sue for various reasons, such as an injury occurring at a rental property, repair reimbursements, or filing an illegal eviction suit.  Depending on the circumstances, it may be you who must file a small

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Treehaus The UK’s First Rental Database & Landlord Review Site

Treehaus was founded by entrepreneur Neil Nichols and technologist Mark Brown. Neil is also entrepreneurially involved in accounting and legal sector businesses, as well as not-for-profit projects in the music industry. However, it is his extensive experience in the property sector that led Neil to establish Treehaus. Alongside his brother, Robert Nichols, Neil played an

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How to Choose Carpet or Tile for Your Rental Property

Flooring is one of the highest reoccurring expenses for a rental property. Depending on the quality and amount of carpet needed, you can expect to pay $5,000 and up for a 1,100 square foot house. For that cost, you can expect the carpet to last between 5 and 7 years. That comes to about $20,000

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Cryptocurrencies As the Medium of Investment in Real Estate

Convenience, extended marketplace, and increased security are but a few reasons cryptocurrency real estate transitions are in vogue these days.

Wall Street investors are snapping up vacation homes

Demand for vacation homes has been rising ever since the COVID-19 pandemic first broke out, and investors have taken notice of a sector that was once almost exclusively the domain of individual homeowners. Having taken note, investors want to capture a much bigger slice of the bustling market for vacation homes than they currently possess.

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How To Flip Houses With No Money

If you are reading this article and wondering if this is really possible, let us settle the suspense once and for all: YES!!! With the real estate market slowly picking up pace in the aftermath of the pandemic, fixing and flipping houses has once again become a profitable business venture.  It does not matter if

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9 Ways to Invest in Real Estate

Interested in investing in real estate, but don’t have much cash or experience? Coughing up $50,000 as a down payment on a rental property is far from your only option to invest in real estate. As you explore your options, consider the following ways to invest in real estate. 1. Real Estate Stocks Many industries

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