Why the Utah Housing Market is Ripe for Discovery

Known for its incredible outdoor life, top-rated ski resorts, and national parks, the state of Utah is a landscape of contrasts between mountains and desert. As one of the top five best states to live in according to the US News and World Report due to its economy, infrastructure, and fiscal stability, Utah’s housing sector […]

Renting In Toronto: Tips To Keep In Mind

Image Source: Pexels  For some people, renting a space and calling it home in Toronto is a much more economical option than buying property. However, this brings us a few things that, as a tenant, you need to consider before you decide to live in a rented place. For your convenience, here is a list […]

West Virginia Ranks as the Best US State to Save for a Downpayment

In the current climate, saving money for a big enough house deposit is becoming increasingly out of reach. Whether it’s due to an increase in home bill costs or banks wanting a higher percentage deposit, saving enough cash amidst a looming pandemic seems almost impossible for many young people. But what if moving cities could […]

Major Reasons to Live in Palm Springs

If you are looking for affordable, luxury, and great weather living, look no further than the Southern Californian city of Palm Springs.  Of course, you have probably heard of Palm Springs as a spa or golf destination, but there is so much more that this desert gem offers people who move here. Continue reading to […]

Vancouver Real Estate Market: How Is The Industry Today?

As of writing, it’s the second half of the year 2020. Industries and economies across the globe are still recovering from the devastating effects brought about by the pandemic. While some have already started to see better and brighter days, some are still stabilizing or are slowly moving on the way up. One of the […]

Why Now is the Time to Invest in Colorado

Whether you are looking to move or looking to invest, Colorado is considered one of the hottest places to do so in 2020. Colorado is beautiful, it has a wonderful climate, and a huge amount of activities. It is also impossible to ignore that Denver made it to the PwC’s Emerging Trends in Real Estate […]


You have heard the mantra a hundred times before: As California goes, so goes the nation. The mantra covers everything from groundbreaking environmental protection statutes to cutting edge new music emanating from Southern California. The mantra is not good news for the rest of the country, as Californians are working hard to climb out one […]

Miami Homes Sales Doubles in January

Miami-Dade County total home sales surged double digits year-over-year in January 2020 thanks to a robust increase in mid-market and $1-million-and-up transactions, according to the MIAMI Association of Realtors (MIAMI) and the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) system. Pending sales, which are indicators of future closed sales and reflect demand, increased in January and have now […]

Uruguay becomes top destination for investment opportunity in real estate

Political, social and economic stability made the Uruguay a destination chosen by foreigners who are looking to establish themselves in Latin America. In the first quarter of 2019, Uruguay received a foreign investment of 360 million dollars. Uruguay is opening its arms to foreign investors giving them benefits to live and invest, such as free-trade […]

How To Know If That Home For Sale In CA Marina is Right For You

When buying a new home in CA Marina, it’s normal to be careful and cautious. Buying real estate is a big deal and shouldn’t be taken lightly. How can you even know if that home you’ve seen is the right home for you? Well, here are some signs that you have found a real home […]