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Insights to Seattle Real Estate Trends in 2022

By Al Twitty | January 28, 2022

With almost 4 million people, Seattle is the United States' 15th largest city. While its location makes it a key commercial hub, the city is also the technical innovation hotspot. 

It is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, with a growth rate of roughly 2.4 percent. As a result, this city is a good alternative for investors wishing to diversify their portfolios because of the influx of people and a strong sense of industry.

Seattle boasts the country's second-highest percentage of tech workers. These tech jobs attract people from all over the world, and they usually pay well. So when people with suitable employment and good wages come to Seattle, they need a place to call home. 

Furthermore, a substantial number of high-income people want to move into larger homes. A home with a spacious area where they can plan and undertake all the activities they have become accustomed to during pandemic times of staying at home.

Investors all over the US have been pouring historic sums of money into real estate. For example, in the third quarter of last year, a phenomenal $63.6 billion was spent on homes. In the same way, Seattle real estate is also experiencing growth in 2022.

Though the COVID-19 influenced Seattle's real estate market, it appears to be recovering more quickly. In addition, Amazon and Microsoft, two of the city's top employers, also play a crucial role in the real estate scenario of Seattle.

In terms of real estate, 2022 will be another excellent year for Seattle. As mortgage interest rates gradually rise this year, buyer demand will increase as more people enter the market to buy a property before rates rise. Homebuyers will not want to miss out on the still-affordable rates, which will lead to greater demand.

The Best Areas to Look For a Home in Seattle in 2022

Seattle is one of the best places to live on the West Coast; it's no surprise that the housing market will become more competitive. Check out the 'Home for Sale' signs in these five top Seattle neighborhoods and suburbs if you're looking for an affordable and safe area to buy. 

Ballard, located on the northwest side of the city near Puget Sound, has everything from bungalows and cottages to freshly completed condos and townhomes. It is one of Seattle's nicest neighborhoods for singles and young professionals.

Fremont is a favorite among young individuals for its proximity to Downtown Seattle and surrounding work prospects with big giants like Google, Adobe, and Microsoft. It has roomy condos, Craftsman-style homes, bungalows, and ultra-modern residences.

Ravenna is close to the university, but it has a peaceful suburban atmosphere ideal for all ages. The neighborhood's safety, an abundance of open space, and top-rated schools will appeal to families in particular. 

Wallingford, nestled between trendy Fremont and tranquil Ravenna, has it all from craftsman-style homes, parks, playgrounds, top-rated schools, and a thriving business community.

West Seattle has a splendid broad waterfront and beach-town atmosphere. But, it's more than just a nice place to take in the scenery in Seattle. It is also known for its unique art culture and unique small-town feeling.

Tips to Consider While Looking for a Home in Seattle This Year

Purchasing a home may be a difficult and emotional experience. To find the appropriate house, you'll probably have to spend weeks viewing residences, filing papers, and investing a significant portion of the cash. 

Starting buying a home at the right moment is one method to make it easier. But, unfortunately, housing inventories, mortgage rates, and market trends in Seattle change from month to month. 

Seattle residents enjoy relatively warm winters. But the highest number of homes for sale comes up in April, June, and July. As a result, many homes are on the market in these three months, increasing the real estate competition among buyers.

Interest rates are vital considerations for most Seattle home buyers when selecting a loan. However, you might save tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your loan by doing some upfront research and comparing choices to discover the best rates. Getting preapproved by a qualified lender is the first stage in the home buying process if you're interested in purchasing a property. 

Anyone selling property in Seattle has the option of being careful and selective when it comes to financing. They will require buyers to have their finance in place, among other things. It is one of several reasons why getting preapproved by a mortgage company early in the process is a good idea.

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