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10 Things You Need To Know About Reverse Mortgages

By Jamie Richardson | May 27, 2020
Taking a loan means that what you’ve got isn't enough for what you desire. Be it a car that you want to buy, cash to support your medications, or you simply want to be financially independent, taking a loan is a quick solution.   Applying for loans may be easy if you are young, able, […]
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Should You Include A Warranty Plan In A Home Offer?

By Jamie Richardson | April 29, 2020
When you are facilitating the purchase of a home, your client will have a number of questions. Most of them will have to do with the “real” value of the house, any conditions on the property itself, and so on. But some questions have more to do with external services. One such service that comes […]
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Things You Need to Know About A Home Warranty

By Jamie Richardson | October 22, 2019
If you're purchasing your first home, you've likely heard about home warranties during your research process. With so many other new components to learn along the way, you may think that it's best to wait until after you're situated in your new home to get a warranty. This isn't the case. It's time to learn […]
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The Skinny on Choosing Homeowners Insurance Plans

By Jamie Richardson | July 17, 2019
As a new homeowner, it's important to protect the integrity of your property. Home insurance is the most effective way to do that. For most people, a new home is their most valuable asset, and their biggest investment. It makes sense to safeguard this asset with the best home insurance policy you can get your […]
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Insurance Agency in Dallas, Texas: From a Home Owner’s House to Your Farm Lands

By Jamie Richardson | March 27, 2019
There is always a large part of us that is protective of what we own. It might be because of our animal instinct taking over as we fight for our own territory. As humans, we do have histories of long conflicts just because of occupancy and territorial dispute. There have also been cases wherein lives […]
Home Owners Insurance

Mistakes to Avoid When Getting Homeowners Insurance

By Jamie Richardson | December 27, 2018
In many areas, you can’t purchase a home without proof of insurance. For many people, this strict regulation gives them a false sense of security. It’s important to remember that just because you have insurance, doesn’t mean you’re covered. There are a lot of little mistakes that can cost you big if you don’t catch […]
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Need a Real Estate Broker Bond? JW Surety Bonds to the Rescue

By Ben Shepardson | December 13, 2018
Being a real estate broker means being jumping through any number of hoops. Depending on what state you live in, your licensing requirements are going to be rather specific, but there's one thing that's practically universal: in just about every state, you're going to need a surety bond if you want a real estate broker […]
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