Clever-Gravy acquisition announcement
Technology Insider

Clever Real Estate Acquires Gravy Technologies, Launches Loyalty Rewards Product

By Victoria Udrea | January 9, 2024
Clever Real Estate, a rapidly expanding real estate education and technology company, has completed the acquisition of Gravy Technologies, a startup that developed a pioneering loyalty rewards platform for first-time home buyers.
These top GPts for real estate featuring ChatGPT plugins bring the realm of real estate to your fingertips.
Chat GPT

Top GPTs for Real Estate Featuring ChatGPT in 2023

By Victoria Udrea | December 29, 2023
These top GPts for real estate featuring ChatGPT plugins bring the realm of real estate to your fingertips.
Smart Assistant
Real Estate Technology

Smart Assistant AI Integration Powered by ChatGPT

By Victoria Udrea | December 21, 2023
Smart Assistant uses listing data, market knowledge, and CRM details to enable precise and immediate communication via text, email responses, and AI-generated call scripts, all with a single click.
Technology Insider

Smart Home Tech and Its Impact on Rental Property Management

By RealtyBiz News | December 20, 2023
In the world of rental property management, the emergence of smart home technologies stands as a significant milestone. These innovations are doing more than just changing how tenants live, they're completely transforming the way landlords and property managers approach their roles.  The beauty of these technologies lies in their ability to make everything from routine […]
Technology Insider

BOSSCAT™ Introduces HOMEBASE™ for Personalized Home Management and Predictive Recommendations to Grow Equity

By Victoria Udrea | December 19, 2023
BOSSCAT™ Home Services and Technologies revealed HOMEBASE™ early last week, a new exclusive product designed to simplify home management and services.
Technology Insider

Lingrove Gets $10M to Boost ekoa® Production for Eco-friendly Interiors

By Victoria Udrea | December 18, 2023
ekoa® can replace wood, plastics, and metal in most interior applications, offering a cost-effective, clean product that ensures healthy indoor air and commercial-grade quality.
Artificial Intelligence

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence On Real Estate Marketing

By RealtyBiz News | December 15, 2023
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a driving force across various industries, reshaping traditional practices and enhancing efficiency. In the realm of real estate, AI is revolutionizing marketing strategies, offering unprecedented insights, personalized experiences, and streamlined processes. Among the myriad niches within the real estate sector experiencing this profound impact, self-storage emerges as a particularly intriguing […]
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