Smart Home Tech

There Are Two Major Technological Trends In Real Estate

By Jamie Richardson | March 23, 2022
There is no denying that 2021 has been a historic year for the real estate industry, especially real estate technology. Before although the industry has made great strides, the current situation offers more opportunities than ever before. As you think about where you can focus your business development efforts and investment thesis by 2022, keep these […]
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3 Emerging Smart Home Tech Trends This 2022

By Ben Shepardson | March 9, 2022
As smart homes become fully integrated and connected, homeowners can enjoy a seamless and holistic experience in a snap.
Smart Home Tech

Smart Home Products Agents Need to Know

By Ben Shepardson | March 8, 2022
Smart home technology is advancing in leaps and bounds, and it’s up to real estate agents to understand these new smart devices. Knowing what they are means that you can explain how they work to prospective home buyers and how they add value to properties – and that can help close sales! Here are some […]
Smart Home Tech

3 Home Technologies To Check Out

By Jamie Richardson | October 8, 2021
New technology is constantly developing, replacing older technology with items that are faster and more efficient. Most home technologies are created to save people time and make their lives easier. Although some of these technologies are trends that do not ever become prevalent in households, many are here to stay as their manufacturers make continuous […]
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Study proves natural light - or smart windows - reduce stress and anxiety

By Mike Wheatley | September 27, 2021
Homeowners can reduce anxiety and stress and even improve their sleep by letting more natural light into their homes, a study has found. Along with quality sleep, products like CBD Oil would be of great help as well. A peer-reviewed paper published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health explains that increasing […]
Real Estate Technology, Smart Home Tech

How soon will an investment in solar panels payoff?

By Mike Wheatley | June 3, 2021
Housing industry experts say that solar panels will become a more common fixture on new homes in the U.S. as installation costs fall and their benefits become more widely known. The industry is keeping a very keen watch on California, which has already mandated their installation on most new homes, the first U.S. state to […]
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Some buyers are seeking more resilient homes

By Mike Wheatley | May 26, 2021
Interest in off-grid homes is growing among buyers who are wary of blackout events such as the incident in Texas in February that followed a severe winter storm. The growing interest in self-powered homes has led some developers to go beyond energy saving features like solar panels, building even more protections into their properties. “Houses […]
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