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Construction Marketing: Valuable Advice to Get More Clients in Construction

By Al Twitty | February 18, 2022

Construction is a competitive industry. With the number of qualified contractors constantly growing, marketing is one of the essential tools for any construction business to operate at its full potential.  

Luckily, in this modern era, you have countless channels at your disposal. So even if you’re doing marketing in-house, there are endless tactics — including free ones — to fine-tune your marketing approach. The right strategy can help you establish a brand reputation, reach the right audience, and get more clients. Below, we share valuable marketing advice to get more clients in construction. 

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construction marketing

Optimize Google My Business

Optimizing local search engine listings in Google can help you rank on the first page of search results. Provide correct, up-to-date information about your business, including the name, address, operating hours, and phone number. Also, update the listing whenever something changes. Additionally, make sure to select the right category. You can choose up to 10 for your GMB listing, but the primary category is the most important to Google so choose something distinctive to your business, you should get your business on TikTok, this will help your business. 

Next, set your service areas and outline the service you offer. You can even price the services and add a short description. Moreover, you can even leverage the Product Editor feature to feature products you recommend or work with. Finally, highlight your best work by adding high-quality and visually-appealing images on your GMB. 

Leverage Paid Advertising

Paid media can be very effective for construction companies, especially if you want to support organic search rankings with fast results. In addition, PPC ads are highly flexible and allow you to set a budget that aligns best with your needs. Likewise, you’ll be paying only for the click-throughs, so you’ll know where your budget is spent. 

Furthermore, PPC advertising ensures the best ROI among all digital marketing channels. It’s great for encouraging the audience to convert while also building your reputation and outperforming your competitors. Hiring a reputable PPC agency can help you get paid advertising right. The best agency will ensure you dominate intent on searching for keywords and drive relevant traffic. 

Go Social

Social media is an unprecedented marketing strategy. Your audience is on social media, so you should be too. Solid and consistent content can help you engage with them meaningfully, boost brand awareness, and generate leads. 

Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are generally the best social media platforms for construction companies. Facebook and LinkedIn are very effective at converting leads, whereas Instagram is perfect for building brand credibility and showcasing your work. Make sure to optimize your pages, create valuable content consistently, and build a good rapport with your followers.  

Use Business Proposals

Business proposals are sales documents used to win a prospect’s business. These documents include the essential documents typically found in estimates, bids, and quotes but are more detailed. To ensure you include everything you need, you can use a construction proposal template. The best template is fully customizable, intuitive, and focuses more on the service value.

Unlike solicited proposals which are created in response to a client requesting one, unsolicited business proposals are designed to persuade potential clients to use your services. By using unsolicited business proposals, you can reach new clients, pitch your services, and impress them with a detailed description of your business and services.

Create and Maintain a User-Friendly Website

Your website will be the first place where potential clients will find more information about your services. So, it should be well-designed, user-friendly, and provide relevant and helpful information. When building the website, think about your buyer personas and answer their research questions.  

A well-made construction website should have a clean and modern design that is visually appealing. Additionally, it should feature a compelling landing page. Besides using industry-specific images and language, make sure to provide a downloadable brochure that outlines all services you offer. Clear, creative, and descriptive CTAs are also necessary to convert qualified leads. Finally, consider implementing a chatbot to help clients who have further questions. 

Maintain an Engaging Content

Quality content is the best way to capture the prospect’s attention. However, you have only a few seconds to leave a memorable impression. So, rather than focusing on creating as much content as possible, focus on curating unique, niche content that is engaging and appealing to your target audience. Do in-depth research of your buying personas, identify their needs, and provide answers to their specific queries in an effective, digestible way. 

Additionally, content is one of the best inbound marketing tools. A great content marketing strategy can get you in front of your competitors. For instance, it can boost your SEO and help you work your way up to Google search results pages. Additionally, it can help you establish authority and attract more qualified leads. 

In Conclusion 

By leveraging these proven construction marketing tactics, you can set your business on its way to becoming an industry leader. There is a lot going on in digital marketing, and at first, it might seem overwhelming. But, take it slowly, step-by-step, and you’ll soon start seeing actual results that drive your business forward. Make sure all strategies are aligned with your business goals and set metrics to analyze and evaluate what is working and what is not. 

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