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Creative PRide: Newest Wave of Branding for Business

By Al Twitty | June 29, 2012

In PR & marketing news, new offerings from digital PR company Pamil Visions show promise for the real estate industry. Creative PRide , a new offering from the company involved branding on a level not always so transparent in our industry. Media exposure is not just about the New York Times covering your story, and integrated efforts are becoming more and more prevalent. What PRide does is optimize for new media strategies.

Pamil Visions PR landing

Pamil Visions PR corporate website

According to this news, Pamil Visions' core business strategies are employed for stretching beyond traditional press release stereotypes. What the company suggests is that PRide press releases target paths both traditional and non-traditional, sending and receiving a company message more effectively. The company's press release tells a bit of how this is accomplished.

Traditional press releases have been a favored PR strategy for decades. But their impact has been drastically reduced in recent years. Some even claim the press release is dead as a media outreach tool. But this is nonsense, at least according to Pamil Visions' Founder and Principal Partner, Mihaela Lica Butler,who offers advice on a new breed of release:

"A press release doesn’t need to be cold and aloof, at least not anymore. Since it will reach customers directly, via search engines or other channels, you might as well consider personalizing it. Write a story that takes your reader on a journey and that reader will invite others to join."

Creative PRide

Creative PRide - Click to view the program

The news goes on to tell of Creative PRide, and the evolution of the traditional press release strategy. Such concepts as social media optimized titles, which encourage clicks and shares, a focus on the core values of the news, appealing storytelling, losing the marketing hype, and no nonsense reporting style, not to mention social media support and blogging effort directed at news, are all discussed. Rather than "broadcasting" self serving announcements, Creative PRide builds on constructive interaction with consumers.

According to the company, Creative PRide is not about simply writing and submitting press releases via online channels like PRWeb, BusinessWire, and or PR Newswire, but a complete system that even guarantees some types of media coverage.

The final value proposition here, as Pamil Visions PR suggests, can be the businesses spread the news to broader audiences, and generating back links that carry SEO value, among the many other beneficial characteristics of such programs. Each editorial published, offers a unique branding and visibility characteristic. Mihaela Lica Butler describes how journalistic lattitude, transparency, and original content play a role in ultimate branding exercises.

“Creative PRide was designed to support small businesses and startups in their efforts to reach out to bloggers and journalists. We are so confident in this service, that the 10 outlets guarantee is our promise that the press release will be picked up and not lost among random headlines on a newswire news center. Rest assured, these outlets will all be reputed niche-specific sites, and not some random splogs. We will personally approach journalists and bloggers in our network to make them aware of the news, and we will continue diligently till we meet our promise."

Creative PRide is available as a stand-alone service of the PRide family of public relations and social media services. As a welcome gift, first-time customers will receive Pamil Visions PR’s ‘Press Releases Designed for Effect’ whitepaper free of charge.

Pamil Visions PR is an international boutique agency, providing a range of professional services including public relations, social media, and content management and optimization to small and mid-sized businesses all over the world. The company works closely with clients to deliver measurable PR campaigns that build brands and reputations. Specializing in hospitality, startups, and travel PR, the company is known for aiding small companies in quickly establish brand awareness and customer rapport.

For those interested in learning more about Creative PRide, and the ways in which your company or organization might benefit, please review the original press release here, or visit Pamil Visions PR's corporate website via the links above. Alternatively, interested parties can reach the company via the media contact Liliana Dumitru Steffens - at: +49 151 61010958 or by email at: [email protected]


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