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Daylite Mac & iOS App Review for Real Estate

By Al Twitty | April 20, 2017

As a real estate agent or broker, your team needs to manage a plethora of tasks while efficaciously dealing with clients and potential leads. Using an app that helps you track follow ups, consolidate all the vital things in one place, allow mobility, manage the steps required for closing each deal, and stay in touch with the clients through email, can help you to achieve higher productivity and close more deals.

Daylite is a Mac, iPhone & iPad app that facilitates all the aforementioned features with a lot more, while aiding real estate agents and brokers to deliver an unmatched customer experience.

How Daylite Can Help Real Estate Agents & Brokers:
Real estate agents and brokers that use Daylite have said that it is one of the biggest contributers to the success of their business by allowing them to save hours each week and convert more leads.

When a real estate agent or broker is working on selling a property, the day to day tasks and the colossal information pertaining to the property seems very overwhelming to manage. However, Daylite enables real estate brokers to store and track all their client communication, leads, and transaction information in one place, and access it easily whenever required.

Useful Daylite Features For Real Estate Agents & Brokers
Some of the astounding features of the Daylite App which make it extremely useful for the real estate agents and brokers include:

Apple Mail Integration
Most of the new business enquiries come through email, and Daylite’s Apple Mail Integration can help in managing emails efficiently. All the client interactions can be linked to the client, lead, or transaction, giving the user a full history of emails without having to use Mail folders or dig through their inbox.

As per Mark McClung of Starbuck Realty Group, “Daylite makes you look like a rockstar at remembering things.”

Customizable Pipelines
Daylite helps realtors and brokers visually track each stage of a transaction with customized pipelines along with the detailed steps so no “I” or “T” is left undotted or uncrossed. Realtors and brokers have the flexibility to create and edit their own pipeline and tasks to fit their process.

Automated Follow Ups
Activity sets in the Daylite app can be utilised for crafting an automated follow-up reminder process. Activity sets are a series of tasks which can be triggered for a contact or transaction and you can choose the period before the tasks are triggered automatically.

Real estate agents and brokers can capture meeting notes, stay on top of appointments, and review recent emails on the go with Daylite on iPhone & iPad. Daylite supports Multitasking on iPad so realtors can work in Daylite and another app at the same time.

Team View
Team View is an outstanding feature which allows you to see what everyone is working on in the team. You can instantly get an overview of the tasks and appointmnets for each team member to make sure everyone is focusing on what’s most important.

Conclusively, Daylite is way beyond a simple app that facilitates task, calendar and contact management. Daylite enables real estate agents and brokers with the ability to consolidate and track client communication and transaction status to improve customer service and increase sales and productivity.
Real Estate agents and brokers can create diverse workflows in the app and use those Activity Sets for carrying out the typical and custom tasks.
Indeed, a must try app for all real estate agents and firms.

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