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Different Styles to Consider For Your Richmond Hill Window Replacement Project

If Richmond Hill window replacement is first on your renovations to-do list, the good news to you is that now getting appealing, affordable, and energy efficient replacement windows is so simple. In fact, it has never been simpler than this! Whether your goal is to improve the curb appeal of your home or to reduce energy bills, there are many window replacement options available for you to choose from.

However, when you have a pool of items to choose from, selecting one particular item can be overwhelming. While aesthetic and design are essential considerations, you also need to look for other things, such as return on investment, best styles, and cost. Here, you will learn about the features and advantages of different window styles, so we make it easier for the right design of your Richmond Hill window replacement.

  1.  Bay and Bow Windows.

Bay and bow windows are common Richmond Hill window replacement styles. Both of them elongate out of the home, which gives added advantage of extra floor space. In terms of beauty and style, bay windows are more preferred for contemporary homes, while counterpart’s bow windows are more preferred for older, more traditional homes.

Bay windows are customarily installed on flat windows that are fixed into the angled frame on the exterior of the home. Bow windows depend on the standard curved windows that connect to create a circular elongation in the house. And if you are operating under a stringent budget, you will want to choose bay windows Richmond Hill since they are inexpensive as compared to bow windows.

  • Picture Windows.

If you own a beautiful garden, live near the sea, and you would like to enjoy a clear wide view of the outdoors, a picture window would be the best choice for you. Picture windows are by far larger compared to standard windows. However, they are not operable.

Due to this reason, we do not recommend this style of windows for homeowners who need ventilation and emergency outlets.

  • Single and Double Hung Windows.

Single hung and double hung windows are probably two most popular designs. The main difference between these two window styles is how each window functions.

For the single hung windows Richmond Hill, only lower sash opens, while the upper sash is fixed. In double hung windows, both sashes are movable ‑ i.e., you can lower and raise them.

  • Sliding Windows.

They share the same characteristics as glass doors. They consist of two portions made of single windows. One section slides horizontally over the other to close and open. They are best suited for houses with short walls since they occupy little vertical space.

  • Casement Windows.

These are also prevalent window styles. They are typically attached to the frame on one side using hinges. Casement windows that are hinged at the top are called awing windows. Those hinged at the bottom are known as hopper windows.

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