Effective lead generation for realtors

There are plenty of creative ways to improve your lead generation strategy and convert your prospects into home buyers. Whilst traditional marketing methods like social media, PR and content work well as part of a wider plan, it’s worth looking at tried and tested methods to generate new leads. With competition fierce amongst realtors, learn how to set yourself apart and boost conversions more effectively.

Publish an E-book

E-books are a fantastic way to demonstrate your expertise in the property sector and establish yourself as an expert. Unlike the expenses that come with publishing a normal book, e-books don’t require publishers or even a printer as all the content is consumed digitally. This is an opportunity to convert all the knowledge you’ve gained throughout your career into practical advice for your clients. Use this e-book as a rich source of evergreen content that can be constantly shared and promoted across your marketing channels. Becoming an author who provides useful real estate advice will boost your credibility and ultimately increase leads. Furthermore, if you are savvy enough, you can even sell your e-book on Amazon and if it’s marketed well, this can be an effective passive income.

Add pop-ups to your website

Website pop-ups are one of the most effective ways to drive more leads and conversions. You can use pop-ups to encourage visitors to sign up for newsletters, check out the latest deal on a property or invite them to visit your open house. Statistics suggest they can increase email list opt-ins by 3% as well as drive sales and help to reduce bounce rate. Pop-ups are useful for drawing attention to special promotions and news, particularly if you find some pages on your website do experience a high bounce rate. It’s much more difficult to ignore a pop-up than it is a blog article or social media post, so it’s certainly worth experimenting with.

Produce a webinar

Whilst videos are a great way of sharing visual content with buyers, webinars are even more ideal as you can engage directly with prospects in real time. You can host a webinar alone or partner with a complementary business in your sector e.g. interior design to extend your reach. Webinars can cover a range of topics and unlike video can be shaped entirely by attendees who can access the webinar from anywhere remotely. Ensure you promote your webinar well in advance and send regular reminders so prospects are more likely to attend. The webinar is a chance to share your knowledge and expertise but more importantly to encourage prospects to submit questions and have an open discussion about property buying. The great thing about hosting a webinar is all attendees must sign up with a valid email address giving you a database of prospects to follow up with long after the webinar is over.

Offer gated content

If you are spending time creating amazing content like e-books, property reports and white papers, you’ll want to ensure you get some great leads as a result. Whilst blogs are quick and easy to produce, authoritative content like white papers are much more time consuming so should be marketed as premium gated content. This is when prospects must complete a form in order to access the gated content, meaning this is a practical way to capture leads. If a prospect is happy to share their contact details in exchange for your content, it suggests that they see value in what you’re producing and more importantly wish to learn more about your services. Use this to your advantage and continue to send them targeted content to meet their requirements.

Letitiah Obiri

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