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Great Ideas To Make Your Attic Space More Than Just For Storage

By Al Twitty | June 5, 2017

What makes any house unique is the character that you build into it. If you want some additional “wow” in your home, consider using your attic space for something more than old photo albums and family heirlooms. Converting an attic space can add elegance to your home and allow you to carve out a niche that is a getaway from the everyday. From a “man cave” to a master suite, the attic can be an awesome way to put a little more “you” into your home design.

If you have a roomy attic that is just sitting empty, you might be missing out on a great space. It doesn’t take much money to convert an attic and make it livable; it just takes some vision and creativity. It also can add a whole lot of square footage to your home and increase your equity -- for very little cost. Consider renovating your attic to make these perfect nook ideas.

The Playroom
If you are tired of tripping over those plastic toys -- or even worse, Legos -- the attic is the perfect space for the self-storage of your child’s things and give them their own place to let their imagination soar. Have a themed room where your child can escape not only from the rest of the world, but from the iPad, iPod, i-whatever, and play freely. It’s awesome for them and awesome for you. If all the toys are in an attic space, you will gain some peace of mind when they have friends over, and you probably won’t experience the toy overflow that can happen when the playroom is located on the main floor. They have their own place and you will, too -- a win-win.

Workout room
The whole idea behind working out is that it is supposed to make you healthier, right? The problem is that there is nothing “zen” about trying to carve out ten minutes when your kids are running around, the phone is ringing, and you can’t ever get any peace of mind. Convert your attic to a fitness getaway, and spend some time finding your strength from the inside out. Having time to yourself is the best way to better yourself. A workout room in the attic allows you to skip the gym but still have some quiet time to improve yourself.

Sitting room
Imagine a room where you can escape to do, well, nothing. Make the attic a technology-free zone where you go to read, meditate, or just be silent. A conversation nook with comfy oversized chairs and a place to stretch out when you need to escape is the perfect way to make good use of your attic. With no televisions allowed, it is a place where you can relax, find your inner chi, and do absolutely nothing but reflect on your day.

Media room
Forget the theater and the high-priced movies. Instead of paying for a sitter so you can go to the movies, or taking the kids while they run around not paying attention anyway, convert your attic into a media room so your family can spend Friday nights hanging out together. Make it a whole theme: add an old-fashioned popcorn maker and a small refrigerator so that no one needs to miss a moment of the action. Comfort is key, so make sure to get enough recliners so everyone can spread out, sit back and enjoy the show. Without a bad seat in the house, it is a great way to have a family night away from the crowds -- or even a date night when you can sneak away alone.

Bar room
Instead of spending the money to hire a sitter and meet friends out at a bar, consider converting your attic space to your very own speakeasy and bring back the cocktail party. It can be a quiet place for you to have a get-together; there won’t be any children running around or needing to be shushed because you just put the baby to bed. A getaway space for adults only, you can create a space to reconnect with friends that won’t cost a fortune, and you can have a last-minute “my house” party anytime.

If you have an attic with untapped potential, start tapping into it. An attic space can make the perfect addition to your house so that you have a space all your own to relax, hide toys, or even to party all night long. Be creative, a little funky, and put some real thought into making it an awesome additional space that has an excellent purpose to make life a little more grand.

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