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High-Tech House Makeover Suggestions for Shoestring Budgets

By Al Twitty | May 16, 2019

Everything changes and evolves, and seeing that technology is changing at an exponential rate, new gadgets are easily being replaced and becoming obsolete. Just like your devices need upgrading to recommended and smarter devices, it’s high time that your living space be that tech house you dreamed of.

A smart home does not have to break your budget

Upgrading your house to become high-tech isn’t going to be cheap, given that the prices of most high-end and good-quality devices are going to burn your wallet. The following items, on the other hand, are cheap but can still turn your home into a high-tech smart one.

Amazon Echo Dot

What you thought years ago couldn’t be possible can now in be the palm of your hands. Numerous gadgets nowadays can answer and do tasks if you ask them, like play music and search the net, among a few. If you’re on a budget but want to create a smarter home, Amazon Echo Dot is the cheapest of its kind. This smart technology can link to other smart home devices so you can turn them on and off with just your voice.

Wi-Fi Smart Power Strip

In this generation, every home definitely is going to have more than one gadget or electronic device. From laptops to smartphones, smartwatches, and TVs, there’s a plethora of appliances and electronics in today’s household that now have smart technology integrated into them. This is where the Kasa Smart Power Strip comes in.

Controlling it with simple commands from Alexa, Google Assistant, and the like isn’t a problem. Neither will be linking it to other smart devices. Having six smart outlets and three USB ports, Kasa Smart App lets you control all connected devices.

USB Docking Stations

Given the fact that people use an array of smart devices, gadget makers now include USB or USB plugs to their products, and for that reason, Juiced Systems USB laptop docking stations are handy in making any home smarter.

Smart Security Camera

Keeping your house secure is a difficult task, and installing security cameras has now become more challenging with all the new technologies being invented regularly. However, nowadays security cameras are more affordable and functional.

With Wyze Cam Pan, you can get a glimpse of every moment and action happening in your house, anytime, anywhere. It gives 360-degree coverage, allowing it to note every detail. Having motion-detecting technology, it can detect, track, and tag any action that is happening within its field of view. It delivers 1080p HD-quality videos with amazing clarity, can work with Alexa, and has hundreds of features that can ensure the safety and security of your smart home.

Streaming Sticks

Streaming your favorite movies and series has never been easier. Instead of using a laptop or PC, as long as your TV has an HDMI port, you can just plug in a Roku streaming stick, which is the cheapest one in the market, connect to the net and you’re all set.

You get to watch over 150,000 movies and TV episodes of your favorite series. Plenty of channel apps such as Netflix, Amazon Video, and YouTube, among others, whether free or paid, will be at the touch of your fingertips. What’s also great is that there is no monthly equipment fee.

Samsung SmartThings

While many gadgets are becoming smart, using quite a number of devices at once can become a struggle, which is when Samsung SmartThings comes to save the day. With its smart technology, it can connect to numerous smart devices. Like your brain controlling all the functions of your body, Samsung SmartThings can make your smart devices work together in harmony.

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