Honeywell Adds New Integration with Google Home

According to a recent press release, Honeywell has just added a new integration with Google Home. Now consumers who own a Google Home will be able to use simple voice commands to adjust their homes temperature and comfort level with one of two different types of Honeywell thermostats which are the Lyric and Total Connect Comfort.

Honeywell’s Works with Honeywell program already includes a number of integrations with other smart home products including Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings and Apple HomeKit. As well as a Google Home voice control, consumers will also have the option to control their Honeywell thermostats using Google Assistant on android or Google devices. Where a home has multiple heating or cooling zones, these can be controlled independently by informing Google Home which of the thermostat corresponds to a specific zone. Consumers will also be able to adjust the temperature, set up schedules or make other changes with Honeywell’s app or by using the thermostat interface.

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It’s expected that Honeywell will continue to collaborate with more than 200 companies within the smart home through its Works With Honeywell program, building on integrations and partnerships. This program provides its customers with more flexibility to add the best connected products and devices into their homes, offering them the opportunity to personalize their comfort and security while potentially saving money on heating and cooling bills.

Scott Harkins, vice president of IoT partner programs, Honeywell Connected Home said “Honeywell technology is already found in more than 150 million homes worldwide. Now with our Google Home integration, we’re thrilled to have the first thermostats integrated with every major smart hub. It is another way we are helping consumers more easily bring smart technology into their homes and lives, regardless of how they want to get started, their homes unique needs or which smart hub they have.

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