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How to become a citizen of the EU? With the help of investment!

By Al Twitty | August 27, 2019

The question of where it is easier to obtain citizenship in the European Union is very popular nowadays. Visa-free visits to a huge number of countries, the European standard of living, the possibility of obtaining quality education are only a small part of the advantages that the local governments offer. Fortunately, there are a number of European countries that offer passport purchases for investment.

What does it mean to become an EU citizen by investment?

To begin with, it’s impossible to get a European passport or citizenship. This is a term that refers to residents of countries that are members of the union. If you live in France, Spain or another 28 countries, you can consider yourself a citizen of the EU. The advantages of unification, which occurred in 1992 when the Maastricht Treaty was signed, are the same for all countries and their inhabitants.

Residents of the countries of the European Union can enjoy the benefits like:

  • legally residing in an economically stable area;
  • visa-free visit to the Schengen and EU countries;
  • access to the best banks in Europe and the world;
  • opportunity to be treated in the best medical centers;
  • European education, which is considered one of the most prestigious in the world;
  • other social and state guarantees that ensure the standard of living of the population at a decent level.

It’s also worth considering new business opportunities, such as advantageous tax systems and financial tools. This is the basis of a successful breakthrough in untested markets.

What is citizenship by investment?

You can buy a passport for investment only in the country where there is a special program. The management sets requirements for persons admitted to the application and the minimum value of the contribution. In this case, both parties have the benefit. For anyone who has money and wants to live in another country, this is a mean to achieve the goal. And the government gets an external financial flow.

The essence of the program is that you invest in a national fund, buy government bonds or purchase property in a country where you want to live. These are the three main methods, but not all of them can be available. You can also pay for the participation of your relatives in the application for economic citizenship.

Contact the migration company for assistance in preparing the documents and submitting the application correctly. Migronis Company promises to organize the collection of papers, their translation, and naturalization in the shortest possible time. It provides professional assistance at all stages of obtaining citizenship by investment.

Popular countries for getting a passport by investment

Not all EU countries have such an offer for those who want to obtain citizenship.  There are 3 programs that have the most optimal conditions. Their main requirements are:

  1. The ability to provide proof of legality of business.
  2. The absence of criminal records.
  3. The decent reputation of the applicant.
  4. Good health condition.


The government of Malta offers foreigners to buy real estate in the amount of from €1,000,000 for local citizenship. Alternatively, you can make a combined non-returnable contribution to the government fund and bonds. The term of consideration of the application is from 14 months.


You can buy a property in the amount of €500,000 or invest €350,000 in the restoration of an old building. An alternative contribution is €1,000,000+ to the country's economy. The Portuguese government also issues passports for creating 10 job positions for their residents. You have to wait half a year or more for the verdict.


Local citizenship by investment program is very profitable. The government offers to buy property for €300,000 or take a bank deposit for three years. This is an excellent solution for businessmen since Cyprus has the lowest income tax in Europe. Only 2-3 months are needed for application consideration.

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