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How to Stay Organized as A Real Estate Agent

Organization is important in any industry, but in real estate, it’s essential. However, it’s very easy to become disorganized when we’re busy. Developing good organizational habits will not only make you more efficient, they can keep help you stay on top of listings. If you’re interested, here’s how to stay organized as a real estate agent.

Eliminate Clutter

As a real estate agent, it’s easy to get flooded with various papers that can quickly make you disorganized. This can also occur on your phone or computer. Your best option is to go through it all and shred papers, delete emails, and other things you might have that you don’t need anymore.

Create a System

Now that you’ve sorted out your clutter, make those important documents easily accessible. For physical papers, create a filling system that uses clear labels and color-coding. For the digital world, use folders. A system that you understand will make everything far more orderly in the digital space and the real world.

Have Multiple Copies

With so many papers, it’s smart to have multiple copies of a document. If you do, consider having a digital copy stored in the cloud and a physical copy that you can keep in your filing cabinet. Make it a habit to either scan physical papers or print out digital ones so you never have to worry about accidentally losing an important document.

Utilize Software

Technology has plenty of great uses and is a great way to stay organized because it’s already done for you. For example, you can use software that can help you organize your MLS findings by creating collections, saving your favorite areas, and so much more.

Put Everything Back Where You Found It

The most important aspect of organization is that everything has a designated spot and that you always return it to that spot. That’s really all organization is, but for some that’s a habit they still need to cultivate. Practice having your desk clean once you are done working each day. Keep that in mind every time you think about leaving something out and you’ll be golden.

Figuring out how to stay organized as a real estate agent is no easy task, but in the end, it makes life and work much easier on your future self. All you have to do is take initiative and maybe do some extra spring cleaning—it’s certainly worth the effort.

Anita Townes

Anita is a Realty Biz News Contributor and loves all things real estate from housing, marketing and investing.

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