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Insulation Should Be Emphasized in Green Building, Says Ann M. Adley

By Al Twitty | April 26, 2017

Owner of Morgan Ramey Homes, Ann M. Adley of Lexington, Massachusetts, says strong insulation should be one of the priorities in constructing eco-friendly homes for the future. According to Ann, many builders don’t place enough emphasis on ensuring homes are well insulated, which creates a substantial environmental impact years after construction is complete.

“Construction companies are becoming more aware of sourcing materials responsibly and minimizing waste on construction sites,” Adley says, “But many new buildings are still constructed without proper insulation services in mind, this can be extremely costly to the buyer as well as increase U.S. carbon emissions for decades to come.”

The U.S. Government has stressed the importance of insulation in reducing your bills and carbon footprint. While increased regulation and building codes of recent times have resulted in increases in effectiveness of insulation, many modern builders go to great lengths to cut costs, which can have an effect on how well insulted a particular structure is.

“As builders we have a responsibility to our clients to create a home that will help them reduce costs in the long-term,” Adley says, “Clients invest heavily with their building contractor and should expect their best interests to be reflected in the final product. In addition, we have a wide responsibility to our communities to reduce energy consumption when it is able to be done easily and efficiently during the building process.”

Insulation is especially pertinent in Morgan Ramey Homes’ operational region of Massachusetts - cold, snowy winters see temperatures reach 16 °F at times. But this isn’t to say that insulation should only be a priority for builders in the North East of the country. Warmer climates in the south also see large energy bills as a result of poorly insulated homes leaking during summer months. It is estimated that your energy bill can vary up to 20% depending on the type of roof that is installed on your home.

“Morgan Ramey homes has been growing steadily since I founded it almost 20 years ago,” Adley says, “As our business has grown, we have seen our reputation for eco-friendly home building expand outside of Massachusetts, and I now feel we have the capacity and the correct supplier to be able to expand into surrounding states.”

Given the material intensive nature of the construction industry - it has traditionally been challenging for smaller home builders to expand into larger regions. Setting up supply chains that can deliver necessary equipment and materials efficiently without adding complexity has long been a struggle of expanding building companies. This is especially true with panelization builders - the majority of their materials are manufactured prior to construction in central factory locations.

“Our supplier, Hamilton Building Services, is located in Cortland, New York,” Adley says, “This means that we already have the internal infrastructure in place to allow for us to receive the same high-quality materials throughout the North East without having to change suppliers. Currently, Hamilton Building Supplies distribute to CT, ME, MA, NH, PA, VT, RI, and NY - meaning we have large area to consider for potential expansion.”


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