Listings By Remote – A Simplified Marketing Strategy For Realtors

Real estate professionals now have another fabulous tool to add to their marketing toolbox – Video on Demand. Not your ordinary “pay-per-view” idea, VOD allows realtors to be able to advertise their listings on numerous real estate websites as well as a “Home Preview Channel” that is set to launch this month, beginning in five markets, including Washington, DC and Los Angeles, CA.

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RealBiz Media and Next One Interactive, Inc. have teamed up to develop a creative and cost effective method to help realtors get their listings in front of a large and diversified audience.

A realtor can use their computer to upload pictures, set up a virtual tour and/or create a video of their client’s home which can be instantly uploaded to more than a dozen real estate websites, including Zillow,,, etc. as well as social sites such as The same video can also be shown for 30 days in the local television market, on the “Home Preview Channel” offered via cable providers, for a very affordable fee.

The ability for this technology to expand into other markets hinges on the expansion of interactive technologies throughout the cable industry. What this technology does, in essence, is combine the power of television and the internet into a single marketing strategy for realtors – simplifying their advertising efforts and allowing them to reach a wider market.

Steve Marques — CEO of RealBiz Media said, “It’s been a significant amount of work and financial commitment to get here, but with our relationships with the top U.S. real estate companies, franchisors and broker networks, we are now poised to rapidly deploy this new service to existing clients. When you do the math on the number of properties eligible for VOD in the United States at $40 a listing, it should make for a great win for both real estate agents and our companies.”

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  1. I think this is a new way of marketing. Will explore this and see the results. How much effective is this? VOD normally allows on-demand and clutter free viewing. Does this work? I doubt.

    • Mike Wheatley says

      Advertising properties on TV and popular websites like Facebook and Zillow? I think it will work 😉

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