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Mainstreet Equity Corp Adds Portfolio of Rental Apartments on

By Allison Halliday | August 4, 2011

Calgary-based Mainstreet Equity Corp (TSX:MEQ) has just added a portfolio of rental apartments on, a Toronto-based online marketing firm that advertises and syndicates professionally managed rental properties across Canada.

Rentseeker real estate

Canada's leading real estate portal,

Michael Birklein, Director of Marketing & Communications for Mainstreet Equity Corp says “RentSeeker’s website layout, listing features, user-friendliness and their active presence and use of social media were all considerations in our decision to add our portfolio of apartments for rent onto their site." He went on to say that 2011 and 2012 promise to be an exciting year for the company in terms of branding, marketing and expanding its web presence.

The CEO of, Chaim Rivlin, commented "Mainstreet Equity Corp and its management team are leaders in the Canadian apartment industry. Adding Mainstreet Equity Corp's portfolio of apartments on has been an incredible boost of confidence in our ability to attract the best in the business." RentSeeker  makes full use of social media, 3-D floor plans and property videos.

Mainstreet Equity Corp.

Mainstreet Equity Corp.

Mainstreet Equity Corp was established in 1998 and is a publicly traded (TSX: MEQ) residential real estate company in Canada. It has grown its initial portfolio of 272 units worth approximately $17 million, to its current portfolio of 7,362 units which are worth approximately $831 million at current market values. The company purchases underperforming properties and renovates them to a branded standard, allowing them to be repositioned within the market giving greater rental returns. It currently owns and operates properties in Surrey and Abbotsford in British Columbia, Calgary and Edmonton in Alberta, Saskatoon in Saskatchewan and in the greater Toronto area in Ontario.

The company focuses on the acquisition of midmarket multi-family properties which typically have less than 100 units. The properties are frequently in poor condition and are often mismanaged, with rents below market values attracting tenants with weak credit. Renovations are often extensive and include the installation of energy efficient appliances, and once completed the rental suites have features which attract more creditworthy tenants, giving increased rental income and less likelihood of vacancies.

Allison Halliday is a Realty Biz News contributing writer. She handles International Real Estate and is a seasoned blogger.
  • 2 comments on “Mainstreet Equity Corp Adds Portfolio of Rental Apartments on”

    1. Do not rent from Mainstreet. Period. My suite was broken into, and the door on my balcony was broken in such a way that it didn't lock, nor would it close. They took THREE MONTHS to fix it. That's right, three months. If my dad didn't come by and offer to drill the door shut with screws, I would have been tethered to my apartment, or caught with my pants down whenever I left.

      Oh, but it gets better. Recently my gf and I found a bed bug in our suite. The landlady decided to act like a condescending bitch about it, acting like it's our fault, because "no one else has ever had a problem with bed bugs." She said we'd get a booklet of instructions about how to prepare our suite. It's been a week now and nothing. It's typical, they love taking their sweet ***kin time even if it means a potential infestation.

    2. Mainstreet Equity is a horrible place to rent. All of their appartments are INFESTED WITH BED BUGS, and THEY DONT TELL YOU BEFORE YOU MOVE IN (apparently its their rite to withhold that information). Also when you move out they will try to hold as much of your damage deposit as they can. Poor people skills tops it all off. Id rather live in the streets than rent from Mainstreet again.

      Terrible experiences with this company. They seem great until you move in; then you can never get ahold of anyone or get anything fixed.

      The manager of our building changed more than every month with no communication between them, or any notice to the building residents.

      It says right on their website that customer service isn't a priority of their business; I wish I'd known that before renting from them.

      This was the worst rental company I have ever lived with. 2620 16th st. S.W. is where they moved me in to, and it was infested with bedbugs. When I called the landlord to tell her, she told me that "there had never been a complaint before." Later I found out that this building has been having problems for years with bedbugs. After throwing out half of my stuff, I was forced to break the lease. I got sent to collections by them when they continue to move people into bedbug infested apartments. Many of their apartments are run down, dirty and not taken care of. The management staff is so disorganized that they don't know what is going on. If you have the choice, do not move into ANY building in Calgary with the name Mainstreet on it.

      i agree with what you are saying.I am having the problem right now,and have to call the alberta health services to check the moluld in the baseboards in the bathroom which has been there for 2 months and no repairs.I will b moving out soon but you r correct,there is no maintenance being done.You have to bitch and bitch and still nothing gets done.I have emailed the vp of this company,no reply.Beware investors,you will lose with this company,get out while you can.

      I live in edmonton and have had similar accounts, along with being locked out of my appartment after getting a letter in the morning under my door on my way to work at 8am. Recently i have spent around 7 days this month without heat in -30. Mainstreet is the worst rental company i have ever lived with.

      RENTERS BEWARE: If you are looking for a safe, well maintained place to call home - This company is not where you want to look. If you want a home where people enter your unit without notice, you have to call the fire marshal or the health inspection for even minimum housing standards to be met, this is the place. If you want to be responsible for the duties of management of inspecting and reporting repairs of common areas, dealing with noisy tenants which requires hours of waiting for the police to show up - this is what you will get from Mainstreet. Documented proof can be provided to anyone who thinks what I am writing is libelous or go down to the court house and search the records for Mainstreet's name - both Provincial and Court of Queen's Bench. Check with City Bylaw and the Police. (You may have to make requests under privacy legislation.)

      So many tenants do the midnight move. Many tenants stay not paying rent, wrecking the place (including the common areas), and blasting their music out of retaliation until they are eventually evicted.

      If you complain, be prepared for retaliation of increased rent and being taken to court threatening eviction. Always have a witness or some kind of proof of delivery of your rent check otherwise they will claim they did not get your rent and try and evict you that way. Keep everything they ever give you including little post it notes with comments.

      Warning: The lease you sign is full of illegal clauses which they try to enforce but be informed! You cannot sign away your rights to 24 hours notice for entry even if you ask for a repair. Not only that, the time they give to enter your suite has to be reasonable - they cannot give you notice for all day if what they are coming to do only takes 10 minutes. You do not have to give any landlord the right to take money from your bank account or provide post dated checks. You do not have to pay a penalty for paying late to void eviction. (A landlord can claim exact damages if he/she can prove that by your paying late they suffered a financial loss - ie: they were charged for late payment of mortgage - but this has to be proven that this was a direct result or your late payment not poor business management by the landlord.) These are all things that have been repeatedly addressed in courts all in favor of the tenants.

      Landlords are always complaining about bad tenants, this is one landlord that has no right to complain as they absolutely no respect for the rights of tenants nor do they even respect their own properties.

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