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Maintenance Tips For Water Heating Systems Every Landlord Should Know

By Al Twitty | September 10, 2020

On average, gas- or propane-tanked water heaters can last for eight to twelve years while an electric water tank can last up to 15 years, according to Appliance Analysts. As a landlord, it is important to keep water heating systems in your rental properties in excellent working conditions. In doing so, you prolong the lifespan of hot water tanks and reduce the risk of facing legal implications. Keep in mind faulty heaters often leave your tenants without hot water, and they could sue you if you fail to take action immediately. You should be sure to hire a Heating Oil Delivery.

If you're new to real estate management, you might be wondering how often property owners update their hot water tanks. Below are some maintenance tips for water heating systems you should try before investing in new water heaters.

Inspect Hot Water Systems 

Inspecting hot water tanks every month is necessary to ensure they work more efficiently for an extended period. Regular inspections from a service like Cronen Plumbing & Heating Inc. will help you identify and fix potential problems that often lead to issues like not getting enough hot water and leaky water heaters. Tenants might also complain of discolored water, not getting hot water at all, or tanks making noise. 

When performing inspections, check your heating system from top to bottom. Pay attention to defects like cracks, water leaks, and wearing. This task takes about five minutes, but it can save you from expensive repairs and replacements. If you notice something wrong, then just call a a company that offers heating services as soon as you can.

Consider Hiring Professional Services  

It pays to hire a plumber to service your water heating systems at least once a year. However, you may consider hiring professional plumbing services to assess your system if you suspect potential issues. A skilled plumber will inspect your hot water tank thoroughly and pinpoint problems that require immediate repair. A professional will also help you calculate how much you need for the water heater repair cost. That way, you can easily choose between getting A.O.Smith Commercial Water Heater Repair and buying new ones. 

Educate Your Tenants

Take time to educate your tenants about critical aspects of the water heating system. Ensure they know how to lower temperature and shut off the pressure valve. Remember, too much pressure can cause the hot water tank to explode. On the other hand, high temperatures cause scalding and wearing. Most importantly, show your tenants where the water heater is located. That way, they can easily access it and shut off the power valve if they suspect there's too much pressure. 

Maintaining water heating systems in appealing conditions should be a top priority. In addition to extending the life of water tanks, you eliminate the need for a costly water heater repair. You also ensure your tenants get enough hot water, which is essential for comfort. 

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