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Manchester Airport Expansion Approved

News from Manchester in the UK tells of a project for an airport business park being approved there. The 65 acre project to be situated along the M56 will cost in the neighborhood of £650 million. Manchester Airports Group (MAG) will offer a mix of office and hospitality spaces. Work on the project is set to being within the next few weeks.

Courtesy the Manchester Airport Master Plan

Speaking with Property Aspects, Bart O’Sullivan, Contracts Director of Ennis Construction, revealed the challenges and the positives of this ambitious project that will create thousands of jobs, and forever transform the landscape of Manchester Airport as well. The Woodhouse Park aspect in Wythenshawe, for one, will include over one million square feet of office space, along with 1,3oo hotel beds, plus over half a million feet of manufacturing.

“It’s not just about access and parking for people travelling by foot, car and bicycle once the place is finished, but about providing clear and proper work access while the extensive build is going on. There’s also the age-old problem of making sure your works doesn’t impact on the roads and businesses around you. This especially important when you are working on or near airports, as unnecessary disruption to passengers or flights is completely unacceptable. Lines have to be drawn from the start about how everything is going to fit together otherwise it will become costly for a number of people.”

The airport project is but one of a great number of Ennis developments in the works. Others of their construction projects include; the Liverpool Business Park, the Manchester Metro Link, even added seating for Manchester United’s Football stadium. As for MAG, the airport’s master plan (PDF) calls for broad strokes to take advantage of the growth of air travel to and from Manchester.

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