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Nearly Half of US Broadband Households Use a Personal Assistant

According to recently released whitepaper by Parks Associates called Enabling Voice in the Smart Home, some 49% of US broadband households use a personal assistant through a dedicated device or through an app.

The whitepaper examines the influence of the voice-first interface on the adoption of connected products and presents market strategies for long-term success in the voice technology market. Key topics addressed by the whitepaper include consumer adoption of voice technology in the home, new opportunities for voice in connected products and reducing the amount of power required for voice functionalities. At the moment, 10% of US households with broadband have a smart speaker with a personal assistant such as Google Home or Amazon Echo.

Dina Abdelrazik, Research Analyst, Parks Associates says “Collectively, companies are competing to stay in the race for dominance in the voice-first market. Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung continue to announce new product enhancements in order to stay ahead of the demand for voice technologies.” As these technologies expand, Parks Associates anticipates voice capabilities will become embedded into a variety of devices including smart thermostats and lighting, reducing the complexity of using these products and providing a better user experience.

The whitepaper shows a strong connection between the ownership of smart home devices and smart speakers and sees the emergence and growth of the voice-first market as delivering a new and more natural way people can interact with the digital world and especially with their smart homes. The paper was sponsored by the ULE Alliance.

Avi Barel Business Development Director at the ULE Alliance said “The ULE technology, with highly secure and long-range communication and integrated voice support, is well positioned to extend the voice-first use to a broad variety of devices at home, with solid and stable communication and long battery life. In fact, several members of the ULE Alliance have already developed IoT products with embedded voiced support, and more are on the way.”

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