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New Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform Launched in New York City

An article in Born2Invest.com explains the concept of investing in property and in real estate crowdfunding. Basically, investors buy property to generate income but getting established is hard which is why real estate crowdfunding is becoming an increasingly popular concept.

However, like any crowdfunded venture, property investing is risky, offering no guarantees that a new commercial building or apartment block will be successful once built. Investors need a good understanding of the market in which the property is located to assess whether a new development will prove enticing to tenants once finished.

Now, a new real estate crowdfunding platform called StraightUp is offering a solution for backers and investors keen to get into the New York City real estate market. StraightUp is a start-up that has been incubated by HAP Ventures which is already a successful real estate development company offering commercial and residential properties worldwide. StraightUp is using this experience and training to provide investors with a straightforward way to enter the New York City real estate market. The article points out that the company’s founders have already had deep expertise in the open market. Additionally, StraightUp invests in the property alongside individual backers so interests are aligned with the firm and the project backers. Until projects on StraightUp are completed, developers have to maintain a certain equity stake. Investors on StraightUp also have access to in-depth analysis of the projects they are supporting, allowing them to inspect the progress of a project and to run a sensitivity analysis on anything to do with the property.

StraightUp is aiming to become a leader in real estate crowdfunding thanks to the benefits offered for investors and backers. As yet, it’s uncertain how the company will perform now the start-up has spun out but as the article points out, it looks likely that the New York City real estate market will have a new key player.

Allison Halliday

Allison Halliday is a Realty Biz News contributing writer. She handles International Real Estate and is a seasoned blogger.

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