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Petra Ecclestone Picks Up Aaron Spelling Mansion

In news from land of the "rich and famous," the 57,000-square foot LA mansion of the late Aaron Spelling has sold to 22-year-old Formula One heiress Petra Ecclestone. The mansion, listed at $150 million, sports a bowling alley, beauty salon, and even parking for 100.

Spelling mansion, aerial view - courtesy Luxuo

Ecclestone, who will reportedly be dividing her time now between London and LA, is scheduled to be married to entrepreneur James Stunt. Ecclestone is the daughter of world renown billionaire and racing boss Bernie Ecclestone. Seller Candy Spelling, wife of the famous producer, was not available for comment.

Spelling, for those who do not know, produced some of TV's most successful shows over several decades. From the "Mod Squad" and "Dynasty" to "Melrose Place", Spelling was one of entertainments icons.

Petra Ecclestone

Petra Ecclestone also owns a six-story home in Chelsea neighborhood, London. She and her father have a sort of reputation for purchasing super expensive real estate. For those interested in more details about the house, and the reported deal, a story in the LA Times has good information. We leave you with some great images and the image of Candy Spelling in she and Aaron's home below.

Candy Spelling at her mansion

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