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Prepare to Sell Your Home with These Tips and Tricks

By Al Twitty | September 18, 2021

Selling Real Estate properties can be challenging if you are unprepared. If you've recently decided to sell your home, you're likely already thinking about the various ways you can make your home more appealing to potential buyers. After all, you've probably heard horror stories about how long many homes stay on the market before they sell. 

Luckily, you're not going into the market blind. Throughout the years of learning tips and tricks from mortgage lender Mr. Cooper, we can help you take steps to make your home more appealing on the marketplace. Here are some ideas to prepare your home for the market and potentially make it stand out to potential buyers. 

For sale sign in yard of house

Getting Ready for the Market 

Before you put your home on the market, there's always some prep work you need to oversee. You'll want to make sure you've completed all the necessary paperwork for the legal deed transfer. Additionally, you'll need to ensure your home is in good condition and take care of any major repairs before bringing in potential buyers. 

However, there are plenty of other things you can do to try to make your home more appealing to any potential buyers, all without breaking the bank. 

Landscaping and Curbside Appeal

Have you ever looked at a home with a "for sale by owner" sign in the front yard and found yourself cringing? Mr. Cooper mortgage partners have found that their client's first impression of a property often sets the tone for how potential buyers react to a home. Therefore, putting in a bit of work to improve your home's exterior appearance can make a huge difference in how long it stays on the market. After all, if the house looks nice outside, it attracts more potential buyers and may increase the number of offers you receive.

Before you list your home, consider doing some initial landscaping work. Make sure that you trim the grass and any overgrown trees or hedges and remove all clippings. Additionally, make sure any fences and stairs are in good condition and appear clean and sturdy. These measures help ensure your home looks tidy and appealing at first glance. 

If you'd really like to increase your curbside appeal, consider adding plants and flowers. Even something as simple as a few hanging ivies on the front porch can give a home more character. The goal of landscaping, in this stage, is to make potential buyers want to look at your home. When your home has character, it allows them to imagine themselves living there. Well-placed plants and natural vegetation are eye-catching and may make buyers more interested. 

Another important exterior consideration is the cleanliness and paint job of your home. Consider this - when was the last time you had your home power washed? Is the paint faded or peeling in places? Making your home look fresh, clean, and "new" gives it some additional curbside appeal and potentially even raises the property appraisal value. Therefore, consider renting a power washer and removing any dirt, dust, and pollen from your home.  Adding a fresh layer of paint - maybe in an eye-catching color - is also a great way to refresh your home too. 

Interior Staging 

Often, potential buyers know what they're looking for from their future homes. However, it can be difficult to tell if an empty house meets your needs, which is why many realtors strongly suggest staging your home before you start showings. Luckily, when it comes to staging, less is more. 

Individuals who took mortgages with Mr. Cooper have quite a lot of insight on preferences for home showings. For instance, many of these individuals found that homes that were clutter-free, well organized, and minimally staged were preferable to houses without any staging. Staging your home with open curtains and lots of natural light also helps set the mood and can make your home feel more energetic and appealing. 

Finally, an often-overlooked aspect of staging involves creating focal points in each room that draw attention to the best features your home has to offer. One of the most important things you can do is help potential buyers notice the great things about your house. Consider putting pieces of art, throw pillows or indoor plants in areas you would like to draw attention to, like the dining room, kitchen, or fireplace. 

Increasing Your Chances of Market Success 

Obviously, there's no way to tell exactly how long your home will stay on the market before it finally sells. Still, advice in blog posts from Mr. Cooper suggests there are some less conventional ways to potentially make your home more appealing to buyers. 

Make Minor Repairs

One of the first things you should do is consider making repairs around your home. For instance, if you've had a few showings where buyers have commented that one of the kitchen drawers sticks or you have a leaky faucet, take care of that repair! If there are damages on the roof, call on a residential roofing expert to do the necessary repair. Doing so helps make your house more presentable and shows that you care about the quality of your home. 

Bake Some Cookies for an Open House 

Did you know that before major showings and open houses, realtors often bake cookies? It may seem silly, but this is a selling tactic that has proven results. Baking cookies right before your open house fills the home with a warm, comforting aroma. Plus, offering viewers fresh cookies is a great way to leave a good impression. 

Take Advantage of Social Media 

Realistically, almost everyone is on social media. Moreover, many potential buyers look to local Facebook groups for recommendations on potential properties. If you have social media profiles, consider going online and interacting with your local buy, sell, and trade groups. The additional exposure can help attract potential buyers who may not know your property was available otherwise. 


These tips and tricks may not guarantee your home's success on the marketplace, but they have the potential to make a huge difference. Each property has unique obstacles to overcome - but you're not alone in trying to find the best ways possible to improve your chances of securing an offer on your home.

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